Well That Went Fast! (Picture Overload)

Hey Everyone!

I am back after a very productive, and fast weekend. I have a bunch of pictures from this weekend and I hope you enjoy!

Saturday we had our one day class and initiated five new guys in the the Masons. This was all very fun, and went quicker than expected. You can see the five new guys in the plain aprons below:


We had doughnuts and coffee for breakfast at about 8:30am, followed by a delicious smoked pork shoulder for lunch, with homemade vinegar based sauces. Four of those new guys will be in our lodge and the remaining one is from a lodge about an hour away. We are very excited to see all the new members already with this new year. Later that day I went with my cousin and got a new chainsaw chain and all of the things I would need to sharpen it on my own.

This takes us to my busy Sunday! I have eleven pictures here, in order, showing the task at hand. We had a cracking, dead, Sugar Maple about to fall on our cabin. We got a hold of my cousin and went out to get it down as safe as we could. You can see in teh pictures that we used his Jeep to winch it one way, a come-a-long to pull straight back, and he made the cuts. He works in the forestry so we let him do it haha.

Below you can see the videos that I took. you can see how close it really was to falling with its full weight onto our structure. He saved our butts this weekend. We did have the tippy top hit and break two 2×4’s but those can be replaced easy.

Once that fun was done, I still had a project at home to take care of, getting my office cable run from my basement to my attic! I had previously made about a 70′ cable and now got to use it. I had to run it from my living room, through the basement, out the wall, up the wall, over the wall, then up again into the attic. haha That is tough to follow! You can kind of see it all, follow the yellow cable. I had to drill into my siding and through into the attic cubby, where I will pit a switch and then terminate two cable ends into wall plates. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.Ā  Oh, I also used caulking in the bottom and top holes so nothing can get in, as well as to insulate.


That was my short, quick weekend! I hope you all had great ones too. I’ll see you again tomorrow for some of the same great content! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Well That Went Fast! (Picture Overload)”

  1. Glad you managed to get the tree out of the way. That’s always a scary thing.

    I am probably showing my ignorance here, but it looks like the ethernet line is only going to the second story–or does it go inside and then up?

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