Is Handwriting A Thing Of The Past?

Hey Everyone!

Glad to see you again on this, almost complete, work week! Although I have a jammed packed weekend that will surely go by too fast I still I still enjoy a good Friday.

Yesterday I cut sort a bit because my boss had a project for me. It is something I can do, but it is more of a pain in the ass than anything lol. I am in charge of making custom signatures, for everyone with an e-mail address. The president would like everyone to have the same format and what not. I guess it makes sense, but at the same time I can’t help but think “who cares?” No one has anything vulgar or negative in their own signature, but hey who am I to say anything? I will be working on creating an image that can be edited to add information like, name, job title, fax #, and e-mail address. It will have the company log and be a simple format. The hard part is going to be getting everyone’s exact title, and enforcing the law! I have come to realize that in order to do all of this I need to create the template as a document, so I can edit the text, then export it into either a .pdf or straight into a picture file like a .png. or jpg.

Last night after work I came home to find that my new warranty phone came in the mail!It came quick. I ran back into town and stopped at the local AT&T store and had them transfer all of my crap over to the new phone and transfer the SIM card. This all took about an hour to an hour and a half. It is never quick. Once I was home for good we spent the rest of the night working on thank you cards for everyone that came to my wife’s baby shower. That took longer than expected too. It also reminds me that my handwriting is awful! I mean it was never great, but it was better. I thought about it for a second and realized that I almost never do it anymore. Maybe, only to sign my name here and there.  All I do is type and that works for just about everything. We are headed for a world where hand written text is a thing of the past altogether. Does that scare you? I know for me, I would hate to see it die. I could care less about printing, but I would hate for cursive to die because it can be so elegant. Let me know how you feel about it, in the comments below.


This weekend we are having our one day masonic class to initiate a handful of new brothers, as wells as cutting down a huge tree at camp, and moving my office to the attic! Wish me luck and safety, it might be needed for more than one reason haha.

I’ll see you all on the other side of the weekend! 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “Is Handwriting A Thing Of The Past?”

  1. I know that lately I’ve been more intentional about hand written personal notes, cards, and thank you notes. In the professional world, though, I’m like you and type just about everything. I would hate to see the skill lost too.

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