Gearing Up For The Baby!

Hey Everyone!

It is nice to report I had a fairly relaxing night last night.

I got home from work and it was raining. I wasn’t able to do anything outside so I was pretty limited. I was able to re-rack my, what is no hard cider, into other carboys. This allows the cider to settle and clear up, as well as get the dead yeasty stuff out. Sometimes it can mess with the taste if it is left in there too long. The next time I rack it it should be pretty clear, and I’ll take pictures. I’ll be putting it back in the bottles that the juice came in and freezing it. I hope it all works out because I really want it to work and taste good. It was really easy and it would be nice to make that my ‘signature’ drink in a way. I would like to perfect it a bit, if I like it, and have enough to share with friends.

When my wife got home I went with her to get ice cream, and that was the highlight of my night haha. We ran to Dairy Queen and she got a Peanut Buster Parfait. After that we just watched a few episodes of Shameless and went to bed.

My wife and I are gearing up for the baby, who is still nameless haha. We need to get her a bag ready for when the day comes. Well for that matter I need one too. We are looking to go about an hour and a half away to a better hospital, so we have to be really ready. One of the other things we are in need of is a babysitter/daycare facility, that is affordable. I know most everyone has trouble finding that. I grew up and went to a church daycare, and it was really nice and like a real company. No in this same city there aren’t any except for the over priced YMCA. We have compiled a list of people who baby sit or run a small service out of their home. We have to call them and talk rates and availability, then go see their houses. My brother and his fiance are using one lady about 10 minutes from home who is only charging $20 per day, which is the best I’ve seen. They seem to really like her, so maybe we will too. That is, if she has any openings. With only person watching kids they can only have six at a time by law so that really limits people. So we do have some work to do but it is coming along. Our weekends through May are almost all booked up. We have holidays, masonic stuff, showers, parties, and weddings all coming up these two months.Heck I have to find some time to write up a best man speech. That scares the crap out of me! I hate public speaking, especially when it is in a wedding setting. I was the best man in my good friends wedding a couple years ago and I was shaking, and flushed. It was quick but, I didn’t ever want to do it again haha. Depending on when my wife goes into labor I may be able to drink a little before it, which might help the nerves! If she hasn’t had the baby yet then I can’t in case she goes into labor that night.

If you have any advice about child care options let me know!

How are you at public speaking? Like it, hate it?

I’ll see you all back tomorrow. I hope you are having a good week so far! 😀 😀


12 thoughts on “Gearing Up For The Baby!”

  1. Ice cream sounds so good, but we are doing a fast metabolism diet and can’t have anything like that until 2 days after Easter! So…I’m enjoying peanut buster parfaits vicariously!

    I’m glad things are coming along for you. Once you get those bags packed, you may want to pre-load them in the car.

    I’m sure you will do fine with your speech.

    I have been wondering about the baby’s name! Finding child care is always a tough decision. I hope you find someone you like soon who also has openings. You may also try calling the churches. I know you said that there are no church preschools, but they may be aware of private people who are quite good.

    As for the week so far…let’s just say it feels like a continuation of nothing going right. This is really rare for me to experience, but it’s been a tough one so far!


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