Weekend Round Up & Police!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was pretty interesting. To be honest I can’t really remember what was going on Friday. As for Saturday we just hung out, and relaxed. But Sunday, Sunday was a whole other story! The majority of it was good and productive, the rest was blood boiling. I woke up and did the breakfast thing, and was sick of looking at our unorganized panty. So, I fixed it right up! πŸ˜€


I noticed Saturday that we had a bunch of old stale bread and muffins. Once my wife and I were up and about we went to one of the local parks and fed the ducks as you can see here:


We avoided the geese at all costs because they can be mean haha. The rest of the day was spent getting all of the old plants out of the garden, and staining my two projects. I ran through and got a few wheelbarrows full of dead plants. I started a small fire to burn the scraps and that is when stuff headed south for no reason. I kept seeing my neighbor look over our fence from their deck. Not more than five minutes later her husband, showed up in our driveway and peered over the fence. He told us that we couldn’t burn that stuff and it had to be 25′ from any structure, if it was an open fire. I thanked him for being neighborly and told him that I would go get a portable fireplace from my parents house and that I wouldn’t burn that stuff again. I took the remaining garden stuff to my parents and grabbed the fireplace. I looked up the city laws and saw that I was allowed to have that 15′ from every structure. So I thought everything was well and good. We will be back soon! I started staining the projects that turned out great. Here take a look:


Mid way through staining the cubbies, the cops showed up at my house. They were called by my damn neighbors about the fire I had. I just had the stuff that was on fire from before smoldering in there because it was already on fire at the point of our conversation. I don’t know why they would have called the police after having a conversation with me about the rules, and having me agree to get the portable fireplace, and not burn that stuff again. WTF! I thought they were being good neighbors and giving me a heads up, yet they still called the damn cops. Anyway I showed the cops that I was only burning scraps and they told me that in the future I could only burn wood in the portable fireplace. They gave me a paper with the city laws on it, which I had looked up before they got there, and left. I hope these neighbors know they burned a pretty good bridge with me and my family. I am not going to lash out or seek revenge. I will just follow the laws and be good. I won’t stoop to their level. I will not however, help them with anything they need at any time.

We put the remaining smoldering scraps out and filled the fireplace with ashes and tiles from the old spot that was too close to the garage. I took it to my parents house and dumped it. Once I got home I finished the cubbies. So with that being said we got a lot done, but had to deal with some pretty stupid shit! Internally I am angry and still annoyed but hopefully writing and sharing it with you all will help me let it go.

I’m here at work again, and had a few things going on this morning but all in all it has been a good start to the week. I think when I get home I am going to rack my Apple Jack and try to get it to clear up before freezing it.

That is all from me today! I hope you had a good weekend. Feel free to share what you did this weekend in the comments below! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up & Police!”

  1. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with your neighbors. I hope you will be the bigger person and help them if needed–although after that stunt, I bet they never ask you for anything!

    Staining your projects is coming right along! I can tell you have a somewhat artistic side.

    As for this weekend…I think I told you there was a death in my family on 3-14 (which also happened to be the 2nd anniv. of my Dad’s death). Anyway, because of that we had taken several out of town, unplanned trips and things at home got more behind than usual…so I spent a good part of the weekend trying to catch things up. I’m not quite there yet, but getting there!

    Sunday was rather eventful for me as well. One of my dogs got loose at around 6 am. I tracked him through our yard, across the alley, and across the next street into a yard. He went one way around a house so I went the other to meet up with him, but it turns out there was a fence blocking both of us. So my dog turned around and vanished while I had to go back around the other way and I lost him. I searched and searched on foot, but couldn’t find him. I finally went back home and got the car and a flashlight. I drove around for what seemed like an eternity and still couldn’t find him. It was starting to get light out and I had to start getting ready for church so I reluctantly went home. When I pulled in…there stood my dog in his spot in the yard, looking at the house like he was waiting on me to take him back in! UGH! Well, at least he’s not lost anymore!

    When I got to church, the projector was broken and I was supposed to be in the sound booth. So, the guy in charge rigged up something in front of the stage, so I got put there right up in front of everyone , but we got through it.

    Later, I had an “incident” in which a very dear friend must have been having a bad day and wasn’t too pleasant towards me. That really bothered me, because the friend seemed to be upset about things that had nothing to do with them. SIGH

    I had a whole series of other responsibilities to get through before I could finally rest and I was really exhausted! In all of those things tiny little things kept going wrong, but because I was already upset about the friend, it seemed worse.

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    1. I’m not sure that I will ever go out of my way to help them, but I’ll stay generally friendly.
      It sounds like you had quite the weekend! Sometimes everything happens all at the same time, for whatever reason. I’m really glad your dog came back. We have had dogs in the past get out and begone for days before finally finding them. It is so nerve wrecking! We have a, reformed, feral mother cat at my parents house, and she wouldn’t come in for a full year. She would stay under the neighbors porch and we put food out for her in the garage. We finally got her back in the house and now she is as friendly as ever! πŸ˜€
      I also hope your friend is having a better day than before too.
      Hopefully your week will just keep getting better everyday! πŸ˜€

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      1. That’s cool about the reformed feral cat. We know where a feral cat lives in one of the local wild life preserves. We take food out to her sometimes. The last time, she actually interacted with us a little bit. We think she was captured, fixed & vetted and then rereleased out there.

        I haven’t seen the friend for a few days–just as well and I think it will all blow over, but I still don’t really understand the change in behavior.

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      2. I found a litter of kittens when I was working at an oil refinery. I figured it wasn’t a good place for kittens so we took them home. We went back the next day and caught the mom and brought her home to nurse the kittens. Then we just kept her haha.

        People can be weird sometimes. Hopefully it’ll work out! πŸ˜€

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  2. Sorry about your neighbors calling cops. I had that happen to me where a neighbor called the law and was trying to get up all into my business and it really upset me because I did nothing wrong. But the process of being put through it can be stressful on you. Unfortunately because she is a miserable person she wants others to be miserable as well. I wish her no harm but she definitely is not welcomed into my yard or home after doing what she did.

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    1. I am afraid that this lady is just as miserable. I’m just going to make sure everything we do is legal and won’t worry about any of it. My brother has a neighbor like this, and my parents did too. It seems like there is always one like that right beside you haha. Thanks for the comment! πŸ˜€

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