Thank You & Apple Jack Progress

Hey Everyone!

I want to thank you for the support and feed back about the new layout. Now that I have a bit more time to elaborate on it, I will! 😀 I came to the realization that there are a lot of people in this community that browse via tablet or mobile phone. I looked at my previous layout and saw that it had too many layers. It wouldn’t draw people in and to get to my posts it would take a few “clicks.” I wanted to change all of that. I know I work in IT and all but changing my layout scared me and I didn’t want to jack it all up haha. Once I figured out what I wanted I went after it. I think it turned out quite well. I want to work on a few things from here on out. I want to make sure that I have featured images so the “Recent Posts” page looks a bit flashier. This is mostly because the scheme is a bit dull, by design. I also want to work on titles, not sure how much that will happen. Lastly I want to start including content that isn’t just about my daily life. I won’t stop the daily life part but rather add this part to it. I just want to engage people with current events or topics that are close to me. That being said it won’t happen in this post haha.

On to our regular content!

Yesterday I did indeed get my to go baby bag packed. It took me a month to do it but it is done. It makes everything so much more real. I also started the process of freeze distillation with my Apple Jack! the time has come. Tonight I will see the finished product. I’ll be tight for time tonight but I’ll get what I can.

Here I have a shot of the transfer from the glass carboy to the jug that it got frozen in.


Using this method you have to make sure that gravity is working for you! To create the pressure all you have to do is blow through a straw at the top and it all comes out.Just like if you have ever blew into a Capri sun and let the science do the rest haha.

After it is transferred you have this gross mixture left over. It is all of the dead and discarded items left over from fermentation. This is part of the reason you wait so long, all of this stuff has to settle on the bottom before you should do anything. Check the next two pictures.


Its thick and soupy all at the same time and smells of mostly yeast. It generally comes right out with a rinse, but you definitely don’t want this in your drink!

What was transferred out at this point, before distillation, is just hard cider. I went a head and tried some. I also had to rep my college fraternity in the process! 😀


You can see that it is still a bit cloudy. I was hoping that it would have been clearer at this point, but I know it will be better once I distill it. I currently have the four jugs freezing at my parents house. I will grab them after work and bring them home. The process from there is to tip them upside down and capture the liquid. It will be strictly alcohol since it freezes at a much lower temperature than anything based in water. Once it melts a bit it will be time to stop the collection process. I will be left with a much smaller amount than the original 2 gallons, but should get a yield of about 2-3 quarts of 30-50 proof Apple Jack.

Part of my, getting things done mood, was getting the ever growing collection of water jugs refilled at the local spring. I had to fill about 10 jugs. I know have, I think, 33 gallons of water as well as a very delicious bottle of homemade wine in my basement. This is all just for natural disasters or outages of any kind. Better to be safe than sorry. It is said that each adult needs one gallon of water per day just for consumption. Every child needs one half gallon, as well as pets. So with an incoming baby and two pets we have enough for like a week or two. I want to grow it a little more and get some food down there too. I really want to finish that section of the basement but who knows!


That is where I will leave you beautiful people today! I hope to bring you some good topics and discussion in later posts. Again thank you for the feedback! I’ll see you Monday, have a great weekend! 😀 😀


Real Quick!

Hey Everyone!

Work is about to let out but I just wanted to get your thoughts on my new work in progress layout?!?!?

What do you think? I really like it, and it gets the posts out front more.

I decided to stay with the same -ish color scheme, because I like the colors haha.

I also think it looks 100% better on mobile.

Anyways, let me know!

Question: Do you look at blog posts on your phone, tablet, or laptop? tell me below! 😀 😀


Almost Forgot!

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would get some stuff done around the house and clean up a bit, but that didn’t happen.

I had some reminders set, for good reason, for the masonic practice yesterday. I knew at the end of the day that I wouldn’t get much of what I wanted to done. I heated up some leftovers for dinner and checked my mail and what not. I hung out and watched some Netflix with my wife and that was that. At least for the practices you don’t have to dress up, I’m not a huge fan of wearing a shirt with the top button buttoned haha.

My dad came over and picked me up to go to practice. When we got there we thought we wouldn’t have much of a turnout, as we were the only people there. Within minutes more people showed up. We went over how to do the ballad box for voting and part of the 3rd degree. It was a fairly quick practice.

After practice, and on the ride home we discussed the cabin and how we need doors and windows. That lead to a conversation on cars, and other stuff. If I can’t find a vehicle when the baby is here, we will share vehicles until I can. Only living a block away is good for that. When I got home I loaded some boxes up and a pair of stained glass windows, to take to his house. We are going to use them on the ends of the cabin.

Today, after work I am going to pack my to go baby bag because I haven’t yet. I am also going to put the Apple Jack back into the original bottles, and freeze them at my parent’s house because I don’t have any freezer room. We are looking into getting a chest freezer, but ya know, that costs money that we don’t have haha. I also found out last night that we have another softball scrimmage tomorrow, so that will be fun.

That is all for today, sorry not a ton of content but it was a bit lax yesterday.

I hope to see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Spaghetti Pie & To-DO List!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, my wife was still not feeling well. I also saw a recipe on Facebook and decided that I’d make dinner and try it out. It was a spaghetti pie, I guess? Real quick I’ll run through what I used/did.

  • Beat 3 eggs into a bowl
  • Add 2 cups of red sauce
  • Add 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • Add 2 TBSP of Oregano
  • Add cooked onions (optional)
  • Add 1 tsp of salt
  • Mix it all together
  • Stir in browned, 90% lean beef
  • Add strained noodles
  • Pour into a cake pan
  • Sprinkle Mozzarella cheese on top
  • Bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees

After all of that I didn’t take a picture until most of it was gone haha here ya go!


Ahh it was so good! Super easy to make and delicious. Of course there are variations of this everywhere, doing things slightly different. The only unhealthy thing is the cheese used since it has a high fat content.

Speaking of food, we just had yet another retirement lunch here at work. It was pulled pork with a five bean salad, pasta salad, fruits, and veggies. They have cake too! I only enjoyed the healthy stuff to stay on track with my diet but it all looked so good.  I think after this lunch there will be two more in the coming weeks.

Not this weekend, but the following one we have our opening softball tournament. It is hard to believe that the season is already starting. My weekends are all shot until about June and I have soo much stuff to do. I have a few things that I wanted to finish up with the babies room, most of which is just cleaning up the room a bit and getting everything out that doesn’t belong. That being said I want to clear the other bedroom out too and do the trim. To add to the list of things to do would be to paint the fence, fix the stairs more, re-install outdoor carpeting down the stairs, and fix my leaky pipe. Since I mentioned the pipe it is only fair to let you know that I bought this tape called ER Tape. That should do the trick. If it does half as well as this video describes I’m in business haha.


WE are getting excited to welcome our baby into this world, and with each day getting a little bit nervous haha.

That is where I’ll leave you for the day. I hope you are enjoying your hump day, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

PC Game Night!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was more a day of gaming. I know that doesn’t interest most of you but it is nice to take some time and play a game that puts you in an alternate reality. Of course I came home and did the husbandly duties. My wife still isn’t feeling well, and we needed groceries. (damn I can never spell that word) I ran out and got those, as well as started some laundry, and cleared the dishes from the kitchen.

I first started playing GTA-V since I hadn’t been on it in a long time. I ran a few of their stunt races, and did very poorly haha. They all look similar to this:


You run around the regular map with up to 15 other people and use your custom cars. The developers made these races as an extension to the regular races, and they are a pretty big hit. They recently came out with some new vehicles too, so I wanted to check that out also.

I switched gears and played some Rainbow 6: Siege. I just played some casual games since I wasn’t in good form. The last thing I want to to go unprepared into a competitive game, and piss people off haha. I had some fun. The matchmaking was giving quite the range of opponents, but I was on point with my aim and movement.  I hooked up with a good group of random guys and we played about four games together as a team. We won each one fairly convincingly. So I figured that was a good place to stop. I usually keep playing and playing, then end up getting mad when I do poorly and quit in anger. So to remedy that I end on a high note and come back to it later or on another day. Here are the operators you can choose while playing:


You can see where they are from on the left, as well as whether they are attackers or defenders. Each operator has their own unique talent, which makes them special. There are two missing in this picture and they are the new-ish Spanish operators. (Shown below)


After leaving Rainbow 6 behind, and on a good note, I switched to the increasingly popular Rocket League. I got stuck early on in this season with crappy competitive rank. Playing in the random 3v3 league will do that sometimes. I started doing a few casual games and then hopped into a few comps. I was able to win four or five of the six or seven games that I played, in ranked. I went from a middle tier silver rank to a middle tier gold rank, so I am pretty happy about that.  Here is a quick shot of my favorite map, the Aquadome:


You can see the marine life through out the whole game, moving and swimming all over. The graphics can be outstanding if your PC can run it all on high or ultra.

But that about sums up my night. Nothing really going on, and had some time to kill.

I hope you enjoyed this installment, and I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Cabin Work & Sick Wife

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was so so. My wife got sick and is currently on an antibiotic. She caught it all very early and her and the baby will be just fine. She wasn’t feeling well at the end of the week and went to the walk in clinic in town. They told her that even though her Strep test came back negative, her throat still looked like Strep, so she hopped on some meds.

Friday, like I eluded to, we went to work on the cabin. We were going to work on the floor mainly, and I guess my dad and brother ran into an issue with it so we worked on the walls mostly.  This first picture is my brother starting the second wall: (you can see the first one in the background.)


Here is a better picture of the first one. It was a very tight fit and when we got it up, I fastened it with screws, to the top and bottom.


Here is another quick shot of my dad and brother trying to get the second wall squared up. I ended up doing the rest of that wall myself. My brother and I put it up when I was done.


With the two walls framed they decided to at least put two sheets of flooring down. So we cut them to length and screwed them in.


We are going to have to cut a third piece and make it fit. We also have to add the walls around the rest of the build. If we want to get this thing done, we better hurry haha.

I want to say Saturday morning I went to the grand opening of Dunham’s. It is a sporting store like Dick’s, but on a smaller scale. They have a modest amount of outdoor gear and sports gear. Our local mall is undergoing a huge transformation. We went from a full mall to nothing, back to a full mall soon. This is the first real store to come in and more are to follow. Here is the donuts, coffee, and candy that they had for everyone.


My wife was home sick, trying to rest and get better. It was a cold day and not much got done. She was supposed to go to her baby brother’s first birthday party and baptism but wasn’t able to.

Sunday I had a softball scrimmage. It was more for the other team than us, but the practice never hurts. They are a new team and we have been playing together for over ten years. They were getting a feel for what position their players would play, and who would hit where in the order. We played about six innings, and let everyone bat around at the end. It was about 70 degrees and sunny so I got a little sunburn. Nothing like the first one of the year. Speaking of softball, our opening season tournament is the 6th-7th of May. May is going to go by lightning fast. Softball, baby, bachelor party, wedding, masons meetings/initiations! It will be a whirlwind.

Today has been pretty busy at work. Everyone waits until Monday to come forward with their issues haha. I have been dabbling in HTML and Ruby programming languages, but who knows how long that will last. Coding for me is hard, I don’t tend to think the way a programmer does. It never sticks. I always try, and I learn a lot. But I never can keep the information in my head. It is very frustrating.

Anyway, that’s where I’ll leave it today! I hope you all have a great start to your week. I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

What Tornado?

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was more exciting than it should have been. Through my eyes in a good way lol. I got home and nothing special was really going on. I fed the pets, got the mail and saw a few packages on the porch. I brought them in and left them for a bit. I let my dog out and was checking out our garden, and saw some nice things.


Don’t mind the weird newspaper on the ground. I’m really not sure where that came from. I have found bits of the same paper all over for seemingly no reason. Anyway the pop of color has us excited. The fence is a red the grass is a vibrant green and the flowers have all been shades of yellow.

After I came back inside I opened the packages. The one was a few sets of sheets for the crib that we had been waiting for. The other was my diaper bag! I’m super pumped about it. It is a “Diaper Dude”  messenger bag.


Inside that first flap is a list of things that are must haves! Check it out:


I now have everything in that bag except the snacks and utensils. Well that and the baby who wouldn’t go in the bag in the first place, but you can’t forget him either haha. It has the three pockets on the front, as well as a side pocket for a bottle. It has a main section with netted pockets, and one zipper pocket. The back side has another compartment with netted pockets, as well as a padded back with a pocket for the changing pad. There is also a zipper pocket on the inside of that orange flap. The color and style of the bag are right up my alley and I love it.

We were excited to get all the things for our separate bags. We were, however missing some of those things and I ran out to get them. I hit up the local Wal-Mart for hand sanitizer and first aid kits. While I was there I made the random decision to get an end table for the baby’s room. Just my nature haha. Buuuut, as I was checking out I got the same weather alert that we all got. It was a tornado warning! I was getting texts from my wife telling me to hurry home. I finished my transaction and headed home.

This was my site driving home. I know, I know, don’t have your phone out and drive and what not. My bad, but still. Look at that sky, it only got worse from there.


When I got home it was just starting to rain. the wind hadn’t really picked up, but we headed to the basement. We had our phones, flashlights, candles, and our animals. We could see the lighting and hear the thunder rolling through our valley. Our phones were acting solely as weather radars, and we watched as the storm came and went. Thankfully it missed us and didn’t get much worse for most people. Everyone was safe and only tree damage for the most part.

After we got back upstairs I was excited to set up the end table for the baby’s room. It turned out great and took the rest of the night. It is a perfect fit and looks good with teh lamp.


It even gives us some more storage! The only thing we would really still like to have in that room is a nice rug. right now it is just some what worn hardwood. But now with our bags packed, and the room mostly complete we are as ready as we can be to have this baby! 😀

I just got word that we might be going to put the floor on our cabin, right after work. Like I’ve said before we are trying to have it at least be done enough to house people for a night by the 20th of May, so we have to hurry up haha. Our Saturday will be spent back in my wife’s hometown. We are going to her baby brother’s first birthday party and his baptism. It will be most of the day, but will be fun.

My soon to be sister in-law is also having her bridal shower that same day, so we will have to get with her either tonight or some other time this weekend to hang out and give her a nice gift. So it looks like it will be another super fast weekend for us!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope to see you all back again come Monday! Don’t forget to like, comment, and share if you feel so inclined. It is always appreciated.

I’ll see you Monday! 😀 😀

Profit Sharing, Recycling, & New Neighbors!

Hey Everyone!

Today is one of those days. Not a bad day by any means, but not really anything at all. It is raining here, the temperature is low, and the mood is lull. Work has been slow, and that is OK.

Tomorrow is our company’s profit sharing meeting. Every year our company executives sit down and go over the books of the last year. Once they have every expense covered they look at the remaining profits, and share them with every employee in the company. With the numbers being different every year, it isn’t something you can bank on receiving at all, or how much it may be. What they do is take the hours you worked that year, not including vacation time, and multiply it by a secret number. This secret number represents your job title and how high they value it. If you are a low level assembly guy in the shot you might be a 1.5, whereas if you are a department manager you might be a 5. Then depending on the rate at which they determined from the left over profits they apply that algorithm and determine what each employee gets, if anything. I know that is pretty confusing and it should be, because they really don’t want people knowing how they do it all. Some people get $500-$800 in an decent year, others can receive multiple thousands of dollars. It is a neat process, and helps people like me get back to financial stability most times. So that will be fun tomorrow.

Today was recycling day in my city. Twice a month the city comes by and picks up recyclables only. It is a great way for the city to be active in helping the environmental impact of humans and material waste. The city offers free collection bins for each resident, so it is no charge to you, the homeowner. They only thing you have to do is remember to separate trash from recycling, and put the bin out front! Pretty simple. My wife and I fill about two bins twice a month and it makes you reflect quite a bit on what you use throughout the month. I never thought I personally used that much stuff in plastic.

In other news our old neighbor, that is old and not doing well, moved. I think I had mentioned that before too. Her house went up for sale like ten days ago and it is now sold. It is real crappy if you ask me. The inside and out need some serious TLC. It was only up for $60,000 and I’m sure the family sold it for less. They just wanted to get rid of it. I’ll be looking in the local newspaper in the coming days to see who bought it. I hope they want to fix it up, rather than be some scummy people only making it worse. It would help if they were decent people as well. Only time will tell.

That is about all for today! Do you, or someone you know recycle? If so let me know in the comment below.

I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! 😀 😀

NES Sports Set (Pictures)

Hey Everyone!

It was a nice spring day yesterday, but we didn’t get to spend much time outside. My wife has been feeling the physical effects of pregnancy. I had her laid up yesterday on the couch with her feet up. Before she got home from work I was able to get the laundry worked on, the pets fed, the liter box cleaned, the dog poop scooped, and the mail sorted. I was about 3/4ths of the way done with dinner and had the dishes cleaned too! We had homemade chicken quesadillas, they are delicious. She has been watching the Netflix series ‘Heart of Dixie’ and she really enjoys it. I spent a couple hours catching up with friends online and playing a few games, before heading back downstairs and watching some shows with her.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that I ran over to my parents house to pick up an old game system, that I now have room for.  It is the classic NES Sports Set Nintendo! The only thing missing out of that pack is one of the controllers, which I can only assume was broken in rage a long time ago.

Here are the games we still have for it: (Sorry I didn’t have time today to figure out how to get the pictures straight up and down) 20170418_175922 (1).jpg

(Again with crap photography) Here is the system in the box:


My co-worker talks about this game all the time so when I say it I had to take a picture and send it to him haha.


And here is a classic Zelda game that goes for about $30 online today. It has a sweet gold flare to it that most other games didn’t.


Each of the games pictured are from 1985, three years before I was born. They are classics now in the gaming world and collectors like myself love them. I know that the system still works but at this point don’t think I’ll get it out. Besides if I want to play Nintendo games I’ll install an emulator on my PC or play new ones on new machines. 😀

Today was payday, and I have a whopping $0.70 in my account as per usual lol. Ah, if only I was kidding…

That is where I’ll leave it today, I hope you can relive some retro game fun! What old games, if any stand out to you? What is your favorite console? I would love to know what you all think!

See you again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Garbage Person & Ramblings (Short)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a better day than Steve Stephens! If you don’t know by now he was the Facebook live killer, who killed an innocent man the other day in Cleveland. The only reason I bring it up at all is that I was just in Erie, Pa visiting family Sunday! I also only live a short distance from there.


This smug bastard, was just found dead in his car, due to a self inflicted gun shot wound, in Erie. I wish I could say that I have any remorse at all for this guy, but I don’t. He is/was a monster. I won’t waste anymore time on a garbage person like this, so I will leave it at that.

Any who! I was able to mow my grass for the first time ever at my house. It was a super nice day and the cut grass smelled amazing. It’s funny the things you miss during the winter months. I was able to mow and weed eat everything in about a half hour. That isn’t bad at all.

My wife and I finished up the thank you cards for everyone that attended the baby shower yesterday as well. She wasn’t feeling great so I went to the closest mailbox and dropped them off myself.

The rest of the night was lazy and relaxed. We had homemade tacos for dinner, and watched some Netflix.

Today at work I have finished up the next batch of PCs to push out. Soon we will have ten at the same time. That will take a while to set up haha, I usually do two a month. The ten will be for the engineers, and we like to have them all on the same page in case there is an issue.

Not much else of anything is going on today. I can’t wait to get home and find something to do. Ooh on another note we may have found a good name for our son, but I won’t be able to clue you in until later, but that is exciting news. Speaking of the baby, he is healthy and moving around often. We can be expecting him anytime really, within this next 30 days! Damn that came quick, I hope we are as ready as we can be! 😀

I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings today. I know it was a bit quick, but hey! Life can’t be exciting everyday haha. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀