Rough Night

Hey Everyone!

I’m going to keep this one a little shot, I jacked my hand up a bit.

Last night I was very prepared to work on the firewood rack and the cubby storage for the baby’s room, until I got home. I check and saw that for the 4th day in a row we didn’t get any mail. I called the post office since It closed in like 10 minutes. I know the post master and he is a good family friend. He told me that they had a hold on our mail because our steps were getting too bad. I have been wanting to repair them, but I had to wait until the weather broke. It snowed last week, how should I have fixed them?? Anyway, they didn’t us any notice it all just stopped coming. My brother and I did go get all the supplies that we needed for the other projects, but I also grabbed the stuff needed to fix my stairs. That was now my priority. The weather still isn’t cooperating but at this point I don’t have a damn choice. We picked up 60lbs of concrete patch and had to mix it by hand because my drill didn’t fit the egg beater. Well not knowing that it isn’t good for your skin, I had used my hand to scoop out the concrete and slap it on the stairs while my brother used the trowel to smooth it all. Being in a rush when mixing and fighting daylight, I had a small wet piece hit my eye. I had to rinse it out and get back to work. Well after we got done with what we could I cleaned up. My hands were super dry and that is when I looked it up. when it is a wet mix it is about a ph of 13 or 14. I have a couple of burns on my fingers and my arm from open cuts. I have a doctor appointment at 2pm to make sure that I am treating them right and to see if there is any chance of them spreading or getting worse. I also want him to check my eye to make sure everything it good. I would go to an eye doctor but we don’t have vision insurance. Time to look into that haha.  Anyway I have been typing thins with about 5 fingers instead of 10 and it’s pretty tough.

I hope to get out out the doctors office and get back to work on those other projects. My brother should be coming over again to help me but if not it’ll be no big deal to do it myself. I’ll try to keep you updated. I have also kind of applied to be a transcriber. It would be work as many or as few hours as you would like and do it all from home. I can really use any extra cash I can get with all these repairs and builds. Fingers crossed it would be a good fit!

That’s it for me today everyone, thanks for reading about my unknowing, self-inflicted suffering haha. I’ll be back again tomorrow, with hopefully better news! 😀 😀


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