Car Accident & Apple Jack (Pictures)

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was packed full unexpectedly.

I got a call from my wife at about 2:15pm that she was involved in a car accident. Doctors would suggest against getting in those, as a pregnant woman. It was in no way her fault, as she was stopped at an intersection.

The red car in the middle of the road turned out and hit the other red car, which then hit my wife. Check it:


My wife was stopped about where she was in the silver car, the whole time.Here is a more close up shot:


Both of the red cars jacked up their front ends pretty bad. The woman that ended up sliding into my wife was probably going about 50mph when she got hit..probably less when she hit my wife. But still. My wife’s car is not drive able and had to be towed to a local collision company. Her insurance and the others insurances will duke it out and cover everything, including repairs, and rental vehicles. I left work early to go pick her up. She needed to get to the hospital for an ‘extended stress test’ to check her vitals and the babies. We were there for about two hours but everything looked good and we were able to go home. Here is a quick shot I made her take haha:


Once we left the hospital we picked up dinner and her friend that came into town. She was staying with my parents until we got home. I stuck to my guns and got some of the healthy Chinese options and only found myself eating less than half of it before I was full. Go willpower!

Per my post yesterday, I did start the process to make Apple Jack. I modified my process, due to the lack of time. I ran to the store and got everything I needed, but instead of getting apples and cutting them up, then boiling them I got 100% apple juice not from concentrate. Here you can see that I heated up one gallon at a time, adding sugar, and cinnamon slowly.


As all that was heating up and dissolving, I started a batch of yeart going to speed up the process. It requires a bit of warm water, some sugar and a 1/4 or so of yeast. Like in this picture it starts to foam up and bubble.


Since I’m doing this on the cheap, like always, I just grabbed the bread yeast from Walmart. They say it will change the taste, and it might if you left it in there too long, but I won’t. It is important not to get the quick acting yeast if you do it this way.


Here is just a quick peek at the rest. I poured the hot apple juice into this bowl with a spout, then poured it from the bowl into the funnel. Once the carboy in the sink was full to about the rounding of the top, I cut it off.


From there I added the rest of the yeast, capped it and gave it a good shake to get the yeast mixed in. I then poured a little bit of water in the airlock and corked it. There she be:


I ran through that process twice and made two gallons. Form here, once the fermenting is done I’ll technically have hard cider. From there I will do the freeze distillation, for a higher concentration of alcohol. Out of these two gallons I plan on getting a yield of about 2-3 liters of Apple Jack.

I hope you have enjoyed my very random, scary, scientific, and exciting day yesterday! I’ll see you all again Monday for an update on our baby shower and more! I hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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