401K & Yearly Reviews!

Hey Everyone!

This one is going to be kinda quick.

We have our 401K meetings today and we ran into a snag, with the Wi-Fi. We set everything up across our network bridge and tried everything out with no luck. We were racking our brains the whole time trying to figure out what we were missing. Turns out, it was nothing. We called the people that helped us upgrade the servers, just to get an outsiders perspective. He checked everything out and told us that everything looks good. It lead us down the next logical path, access points. The networking guy we were in contact with ran a scan and found about 40 different access points within a two block radius. They are all in the 2.0-2.5GHz range and impeding ours. It is all just a mater of latency and DNS loading times. To sum it up, everything is set up well, it just times out while loading a web page. At this time we aren’t sure how to change that.


Anyway, the reps are meeting in our offices until Friday. We have them all set up in different rooms and connected to the Wi-Fi in the main building. So everything is a bit cramped and very busy. I had my meeting and was told that If I keep doing what I am I’ll be in super good shape.

We had our yearly reviews today with our boss as well, and turns out I’m doing well!


I mean, I knew I was but it is always nice to be validated. We talked about taking certification tests, and moving up through the ranks. Everything is on track and perfect. I was told that there won’t really be a limit on how much I could improve, so I can always move up . I cover a broad spectrum and help out all over, that helps too.

That’s all for me today! I hope you enjoyed your stay, and I hope to see you again tomorrow! I’ll try to get out a bigger and better post then. C-ya 😀 😀


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