Weekday Wrap!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday after work I was able to off load my old stove on to a couple from around the area. That is one less thing taking up space in my garage. Hooray!

My wife and I, since she is having issues with maternity leave, sat down and went through her employee handbook. We were unable to find any mention of ‘inactive status’, so that leave me a bit skeptical. I saw the memo she had received saying that her job was not guaranteed, and that all her benefits would be gone. To me that seems like they are firing her, which is illegal. I have her on a mission to get to the bottom of it all. We need to know what this status is and what is really going on. On my end I have been speaking with out HR manager about the legalities of things and what possible options my wife may have. As of now it’s quite the mess.

All morning I have been working on a laptop setup for that same HR person. She will be working from home more often to get caught up with her paper work, and needed a new laptop in general. I was able to set her all up with a super fast HP ProBook 450 G3 laptop, with 16GB of RAM, an Intel i7 processor, and a 256GB SSD drive. The thing is fast and should last her a number of years. She is getting rid of her other laptop so I took it off her hands. It is super old and not worth a damn but a laptop to add to my arsenal is always welcome. I like to mess around with different operating systems, most of which are lightweight, so having something to do it on is great. Here is a factory image of what it looks like:


Compared to her other one it is slimmer and weighs about half as much, with more than twice the power and speed. This would run about $1100 for a home user to buy outright.

Ah Friday, I’m super glad that it is the weekend. I have been getting crappy sleep and welcome the weekend with open arms. I’m not sure that we have anything planned this weekend but I’m sure we will find something to do. I think I may have to cut an access port into my wall since I can’t find the right tool to get at it from the outside. I just want that project to be over, I don’t want a leaky tub to be an issues after we have a child. I can at least find out where the studs are and find the right panel this weekend.

The rest of today I’ll take easy. Most Fridays are slow for us because people just don’t report issues. They would rather wait until Monday, I guess I can’t blame them haha. I think we may have a game night at our place tonight. We were going to do it last weekend but my brother had to work. We bought a game called Telestrations, it is super funny.


I hope you all have a great weekend! Remember if you like my blog, feel free to share/like/comment/press it. Let me know if you have any plans for this weekend, I’d love to hear about them. 😀 😀


17 thoughts on “Weekday Wrap!”

  1. Looks like a fun game to play. My husband and I will be baby sitting our special needs grandson as we do most weekends to give her a break so she can do a few things with our three granddaughters.

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    1. It is a great game. It is like the old telephone game mixed with pictionary. That will be a good weekend! I volunteered as a camp counselor in the summers. All of the children and young adults had some sort of special needs. It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done, I loved every second of it.

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      1. Will have to buy that game because it sounds like we would love it also. Good for you to volunteer as a camp counselor to help with special needs. It truly is rewarding and I know that they truly appreciated you and all your hard work and kindness.

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      2. Nice to stay in contact with those campers. Wow, in their twenties is nice. I remember those good old days when I never imagined the responsibilities that were heading my way. Lol

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  2. Nothing super major this weekend. The Mister needs tools to go back to work and I wanted to go buy tools, but *sigh* the car has decided to act up and is probably not safe to drive out of town until completely fixed. So…we may be fiddling around with the car.

    Otherwise, the KonMari adventure continues. Still on paper, but I’m almost 1/4 through all total paper anywhere on our property. I’ve divided the house, “garage”, yard, etc into 4 quadrants. I started in my home office area which took FOREVER, but is now done and making the rest of the 1st quadrant super easy. I’m hoping to maybe make a big dent in the first quadrant this weekend. Then there’s the usual–laundry, dishes, general house clean up, etc. Church on Sunday and of course checking on my elderly Mom through all of this.

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  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve messed with FMLA, but there are reasons a company doesn’t have to honor it… has she worked there for less than a year? Is it a very small company? Even so they don’t have to hold her specific position, they would just need to have some kind of job for her to come back… also pay and benefits are not guaranteed… I recall getting my vacation time paid out until I ran out… and any further benefits meant I would have had to keep paying monthly premiums directly to the companies… but I didn’t take health etc through my company since husband’s was better… so luckily I didn’t have to deal with that… hope that helps?

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