Tuesdays SMH…

Hey Everyone!

We had a rainy, rainy day here yesterday. If you know me at all you would know I love rain. It is very calming and keeps me leveled out haha. After I left work yesterday I met my brother right after work and we got to work cutting the tops off of the fencing that I put up yesterday. I forgot to snag any pictures but it looks pretty good. While we were at it we cut a slant in our fence gate, so that it shut easier.

When my brother left I cleaned everything up and just did some paperwork. I had some bills to scan into my laptop and random other stuff. My wife made noodles and meat sauce for dinner, since I was busy doing that other stuff. She had told me earlier that her car was making a noise. This is a bit strange, since her car is only like two years old and has less than 30,000 miles on it. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone, by taking it for a drive and gathering some spring water. We have been buying bulk spring water at Walmart and just tossing the containers in our recycling when they are empty. I wanted to see if we could just refill them. There is a natural spring not far from our house, about 10 minutes away. On the way out I listened, as best I could, to her car for any noises. I didn’t really hear anything out of the ordinary, so I told her it was most likely not a big deal, and that unless something gets worse not to worry about it. If anything it may be related to her air system. Once we made it to the spring I got out and started to fill the container. I quickly realized that to get good water flow we had to have a hole poked in the top. I spilled quite a bit of water all over the ground haha. Once I got it filled and capped we went home. I had the water in the refrigerator and filled my cup. I noticed that the cap didn’t really stay water tight, and was dripping. I had to ditch the whole thing, but I am now going to look for a more reusable container and just get spring water, instead of buying it from the store.

I have a few things that I would like to get done in the near future. I need to purchase a dog collar for my dog. She never likes to go outside, which I think is super weird. We always have to tag team it and push her out the door. If we get her the collar we can put a leash on ad make it easy. I also need to buy that clutch head bit for my tub and get to work on that. I made sure that I had my Dremel the other day in case I need to cut an access hole. I was also going to take my completed taxes to the post office, to ensure that I had the proper amount of postage, but I have since decided against it. I think I’m just going to slap a few stamps on it and hope for the best. I hate going to places like the post office. They are only open for like a half hour after I get out of work and it just costs me time and money. I want that refund asap haha, I have furniture to pay off!

Here at work I have been keeping busy. I am posting a bit early today, because I came in at 5:30am. I will be done with work today by 2:30pm, and wanted to have enough time to post. I pretty much do a completely different job when I cover for this co-worker. She runs a lot of reports on a whole different system. It takes most of the morning to complete, and then I have to attend to my regular networking duties as well. I have to cover for her again on the 15th. By the way the other system I am talking about is a IBM i-Series database and looks like this:  SNAG-0002.jpg

It is about zero fun….


**OK so I was going to be putting this post out early, but now its right on time haha. I got super busy at work and it evened out.**

That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed your stay! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😀 😀


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