Never Boring!

Hey Everyone!

Back from a very busy weekend! I have a handful of pictures to help me out today.

Friday after work I found the culprit! It was this nut on my wiper arm. It was super loose and needed a good tightening. It now works like new. As you can tell by the ice it was pretty cold out. 20170303_162007

Saturday my wife and I made a trip to Erie, PA. It was a trip with really nothing planned. We stopped at the mall and looked at maternity clothes, before hitting up Old Navy and getting stuff there. We took her car to get a quick ten minute oil change. She had never seen a place that just got you in and out like a drive thru. We were close to her favorite chocolate covered strawberry store, so we had to stop. Here is a picture of her viewing some of the selection at Romolo Chocolates.


And here is a big ass candy bar!


They make all of their own chocolate and always have the most fresh fruit! When we got hungry we stopped at a place called Chopstix. It has great Asian cuisine. I was going to take a picture of the Godzilla Sushi roll that I had…..buuuut I ate the whole thing way too quick haha. So you will have to be OK with a couple shots of the inside!


Later that night, when we were home, I had to gut my PC. Here is a shot of the motherboard out and only the power supply and hard drives left.


Since I had all my stuff out I figured why not show it all haha. Here is my GTX 970 video card.


Here is some of the hardware as well as the RAM and Processor.


Lastly, here is the motherboard that doesn’t work. I needed to get this bad boy out so I could send it back to MSI. I brought it in to work today and had them ship it out. It will take like 30 days to get it back! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself by not having my PC.


Sunday was going to be a slow day that sped up at the end. My wife and I started the day with some breakfast and then went to get groceries. On our way I wanted to find the bit that I needed for the tub. I stopped at two stores before I found out what it was even called. I then stopped at two more to finally find the part. Sounds like good news, but both sizes they had are too big. I have to find a smaller one online. the bit is called a clutch head and it looks like a little bow-tie. Anyway, we got groceries after and put everything away. My brother, his fiance, and their baby came over for a little bit. We were happy to see them, even if it was just for an hour or so. During their stay, is when we encountered an issue. We wanted to let the baby roll around on the floor without being pummeled by our dog, so we put her outside. It wasn’t more than two minutes later we saw her running around on the neighbors porch, no more than 20 feet from the busy road. She jumped the existing railings… After my brother left I ran to Lowes and bought more fence boards, and had to put them up. I had to get it all done before it got dark out, and I succeeded! It is super ugly looking because we have to cut the tops today. Here it is:


Once we cut the tops like the rest of the fence it won’t be that high, and will look much better. If we get around to painting the whole thing this summer it will look even better haha.

I’ll stop boring you here. I had a pretty eventful weekend, how about you? Let me know what you were up to! I’ll see you again tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


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