How Good Do We Have It?

Hey Everyone!

I would like to say I have good news, buuuut I don’t. Everything that was supposed to happen yesterday did not happen, and I am worse off than before. My hard drive is good to go but I now see that either my PC’s power supply or motherboard is dying. I will be taking home my voltmeter this weekend and testing the power supply. If everything is looking good I’ll know it is my motherboard. If it is the power supply I know it has a 10 year warranty, so it should just be a matter of contact with the vendor. If it happens to be the motherboard I will need the serial number and invoice, to give the MSI, the maker of the motherboard. I hope with each of those parts being less than two years old, that they will give me no trouble. That never seems to be the case, in my experience.

On the other, not great news, front my drivers side windshield wiper stopped working this morning. It can either be a striped nut or a wiring issue. the motor is fine and runs it just doesn’t move the blade. I’ll have to get at it tonight and get it fixed. The weather here isn’t great and I really could have used it this morning in the damn snow haha.

Since I was too involved in catching up with my paper scanning and temporary office setup, because of my broken computer, I never got to working on my tub or the tiles on the ceiling of the dining room. I have guests coming over tonight, but I hope to get some of this done tonight before they arrive. Depending on how long they stay, I will get more accomplished.

So my day again, unfortunately isn’t any better. I still stay positive but it gets harder every time something doesn’t go as it should. I am happy to have these first world problems. When I take the time to realize that I have it much better than most I can let some of the stress go. My problems are still problems to me but I know at the end of the day they are small things. let me see if I can find stats on some of this. Ah here we go!

From “approximately 34.3 of the worlds population have access to computers and internet. I am in that minority, and never think how good I have it.
Not sure how accurate this one is, but a Yahoo question of “What percentage of the worlds population own a car?” yielded this response: 4% own their car and 6% are still paying on theirs. Only 10% of the population own cars. Again making my windshield wiper issue super tiny.
Lastly,my tub/plumbing/basement issues are all related to plumbing in general. This figure from says that 60% of the worlds population don’t even have access to flushing toilets and water. So should I really let it ruin me, knowing that I have a leak?

Putting those again into perspective, sure they are still issues that I am personally dealing with. I definitely want and need them resolved. They are still a burden to me and my lifestyle, so yes they will still weigh on me. But in the grand scheme of things, if I ever get too stressed about them I can always step back and see how good I have it. I’m in a weird way lucky to have these issues in my life.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What are your thoughts? I would love to know how you handle issues with your first world items.

That is all for this week! I hope to report back Monday with some good news haha. Have a great weekend! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€



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