Stressful Situations

Hey Everyone!

I forgot my hard drive at work yesterday :/ whoops! Tonight will be the night I reinstall absolutely everything. I brought in my operating system disk from home and reinstalled that so all I have to do is go home and plug it in.

I was blindsided by my bills today. I have been trying to set up my Outlook calendar to reflect the dates that I should logon and pay my bills. In doing so I checked in on the last couple that haven’t posted yet. One was normal and my calendar did the trick. The other on the other hand was an awful mess. It was my gas bill. I saw my account activity and realized that I paid a small amount for the month of January, but there didn’t seem to be any actual bill?!? So that was weird. On top of that I saw that I was billed at the end of February, and again already on the first of March?!? Umm….excuse me? This bill was significantly higher than the previous. Feeling myself coming unglued, I took a breath and called the gas company. To my surprise they answered almost immediately, that was refreshing.Whoever the rep was, was very friendly and ready to help. I explained that I didn’t know what happened to my January statement, and that I wasn’t sure why I was being billed twice so close together in time. She looked at everything and reassured me that my January bill was paid and that she wasn’t sure why it didn’t show up on my end. She stated that my bill was cheap and it was an estimated bill, that was why it was so low. for the month of February I was again going to get an estimated bill at the end of the month, but they also charged me again with an adjustment that doubled my bill. She explained that both charges were for the month of February and that it was more of an actual reading. All very confusing.

This all just ruined my work day. The interaction took about an hour and left a sour taste in my mouth. So I’m rather salty today abut most things. I’ll straighten out a bit when I get to go home.  XD  I am also waiting as best I can, for our tax refund, to pay off the furniture that we bought for the house. My wife still has to get a couple check to pay her end of it, and then send it in. I really need all that off of my credit card so I can focus more on our actual spending and not the other stuff.

My wife told me the other day that one of my best friends, his wife, and their two little twins will be coming over tomorrow. They haven’t seen our house yet, and I haven’t seen them in a year or so. My wife has picture of them from the wedding we did, and they would like some copies. I’m sure we will get dinner and hang out for at least a little bit. I used to be in a few bands with him growing up, and it is weird to thing that we are grown men now haha. I think we are taking a day trip Saturday to go window shopping and get out of the area for a day. That is always a pick me up.

I am still waiting to figure out what I have to do to get my tub taken apart. I also want to figure out why parts of my basement have been getting wet. Eventually I would like to figure out what is up with the plumbing in the basement, it keeps backing up. My end goal would be to mostly finish the basement to be used daily by everyone. That will be a good while from now.

That is about it from me today. I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


5 thoughts on “Stressful Situations”

  1. I use my Google calendar to keep track of when my bills are due too. Some of my bills are on auto-payment. But then there are those that could change from time to time, i.e. your gas bill, that I hate remembering to pay. So Google does it for me. Good luck getting the gas bill straightened out. That can be annoying.

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  2. My utility bills are on auto pay. As far as the basement. After I made an offer of the home in Portland, I hired an inspector to inspect the house. The found out there was a blockage in the sewage pipe. To make the long story short, the previous owner had the pipe fixed. I hope your pipe doesn’t have big problem!

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