Whoa! Getting Deep

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday our couches arrived! This is the last piece of furniture that we were waiting for. I no longer have to track a package and make sure I received everything. My brother met me at the house when I got out of work, and we moved them in. The old couches went with him back to his house. He will be storing them in his garage until either my wife’s mom comes to get them or we use them in the cabin. Here is a couple shots, that I remembered to get:


Speaking of the cabin, we are going to work on it again today. Yesterday my brother and dad went and got more of the wood needed for the next part. Today was supposed to be crappy and rainy, but it is exactly the opposite! It is about 70 degrees here today and sunny. It is too bad that I’m stuck at work though. It is dead here by the way. It is ,an unusual, warm Friday in February, and everyone took off. I can think of about 20 people that aren’t here just off the top of my head. This means there isn’t much for me to do, since there are no ‘users’ here haha.

The morning went pretty quick but I fear this afternoon might drag on and on. Of course what comes next is a super fast weekend, then straight back to work in the blink of an eye. I was just talking to our HR manager about the new planets and space in general and it really makes you wonder why we do what we do here on earth. Why it even matters if you come to things like work? There is so much out there and unknown, heck we might be the smartest things out there (probably not) but we spend our time slaving away on paperwork for what? It is really a terrible cycle. I went to college to get a job to pay off the debt I have from college. I mean, I understand why bartering and what not became a thing, but everything could be so simple and we chose to make it this chaotic mess. I dare you to go watch  the show “Cosmos” presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Watch two or three episodes in a row and then shut everything off. No lights, no phone, no anything. At that point you should have had a decent brain melting and will wonder why we do the tedious things that we do.

On the other hand I understand that some, maybe most, humans need to be distracted. If we all had the chance to really comprehend things we could/would go nuts. We don’t like to not know things, not be in a routine, or rhythm. We need distraction from things like jobs, and the concept of time to keep us feeling like we are somewhat in control of things. Even if we are just one planet floating in nothingness, by mostly accidental evolution. By having jobs we feel in control of life, like we are the ones making money in which to dictate our future. By creating time itself we have a way to measure when to do certain tasks, like getting up for that job. It allows us to meet and set deadlines for others. Gah, it is all so weird. This is the type of thing my mind sometimes wonders to on a slow day lol. I start by wondering why I’m at work, getting paid, to do nothing. I get the feeling, like why would it be bad for me to just leave work and enjoy this nice day. It does just come down to adhering to those constraints made by humans for humans. Super weird!

That is about enough of that! I hope you all have had a great week, and I hope to see you again on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll be sure to do the same. 😀 😀



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