The More You Know!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been one of those weird days down the rabbit hole, for me. cab84f342994cac8ca51f7cab0ccfdbd_400x400

Since I have been at work today I have been stuck on exploring all sorts of things online. I think it started with my favorite YouTuber Philip DeFranco talking about the seven new exoplanets. So it began with space exploration, which if you know me is always an interest of mine. This led me to learn a bit more about SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) I have had my three PCs using their idle time to analyze data. I asked the leader of the Danish team I am on about what we were doing to help, and he told me this:

“Ok, here`s some info:
your computer analysis a data bit called “work unit” ( you might already know this 🙂 )
it searches for some things called: Spikes, Pulses, Gaussians and Triplets and if they will appear more than once at the same spot/location where it was recorded
at the given radio telescope (Arecibo in Pueto Rico or the newer Green Bank, West Virginia)
hope that did give you some more info you were looking for.


I found out that they collect about 36GB of data per 24 hours. There are 140,000 work units in 36GB of data. Each work unit takes 30 hours to analyze fully! It was coming out to 4.2 million hours to process just one days worth of data! That is ridiculous, I see why they couldn’t just buy the computers themselves, it would cost a fortune. So lending your PC is a huge help.

I also found out that what they were looking for, those spikes and pulses, was to see those same things over and over again in the same spot in the sky. They want to see if there is anything out there emitting a signal from the same spot consistently, thus leading them to believe that something is there. Spooky!

Then I started to check out those observatories he mentioned. They are pretty neat and the one in West Virginia is only six hours away from me. 😀 I may check it out sometime. This lead me down a path of informational YouTube videos. I looked into Ted Talks on computer security, hacking, and the deep web. After that I went deeper into the abyss by watching Vice videos on Slab City in California, and a cult leader in Russia who believes that he is Jesus haha. Super random, I know but I could only pull myself away to write this up!

After all this I got a text from my wife saying that our couches were delivered! YAY!!! Here is the text I got:


I now am tasked with getting a haircut, bringing these in the house and unwrapping them, as well as getting the old couches over to my brother’s garage. this will be another night where I won’t be able to figure out my tub situation. Oh well, another day!  It is supposed to be super rainy and thunderstormy the next few days but I think we may still head up tomorrow after work and work on the cabin a bit.

Thanks for stopping in today, I really appreciate it! Feel free to let me know if you ever catch yourself getting caught up in weird videos, on off the wall topics. It doesn’t happen to me often but when it does it is pretty rough haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow, c-ya! 😀 😀


9 thoughts on “The More You Know!”

  1. The Mister is really into space as well. However, he collects things from the Space Race. The mancave in our home is a room painted completely black. (It’s not where anyone else can see it LOL). On the ceiling is a complete model of the solar system with random stars. All of this glows in the dark and if you stay in there you actually will feel like you are floating. It’s a strange feeling. Also when lights are on, he has all sorts of space /aviation books, flight simulators, and space posters just to name a few things.

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  2. I loved the post. Everyone has a moment when they succumb to the internet downward spiral. The most notable for me is when I went to look at something about Tupac…then his death…then the illuminati..then human sacarfice…satan worship..then finally satan worship in subliminal messages via television. Needless to say I didnt sleep well that night 😣 lol

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