Nothing Is Ever Simple

Hey Everyone!

As you read from my last post my tub leaked somehow all throughout my house! DOH! I have it mostly figured out. It is one of three things and hopefully not a combination of all of them. The first and best possible scenario is that there is a pipe that is butt up against the overflow, and the seal is just gone. The second and third involve cutting an access panel into my wall. Scenario two is that there is no elbow pipe against the overflow. I would have to cut the access hole and buy a panel and the correct fitting and get back there and install it. If this is what is going on then any water that gets into that overflow valve is just going somewhere in my house. Scenario three is that all the the pieces are there, but part of the vertical pipe is cracked or broken. I am worried about a couple things first being,Β  I’m not sure if the pipe is old galvanized steel, copper, or pvc. If it is old steel I am worried that if I put pressure on it that it will crack or shatter. I am also worried about having multiple things going on in there, like having a broken pipe and missing an elbow joint to corral the water.

Now that you kind of understand the situation, you can imagine my frustration when step one is to pull off the overflow cover and not being able to do it! I have everything figured out and the simplest of tasks is standing in my way. All the the other fittings, from teh same company, fit with a certain size Allen wrench. There is a hole for the overflow and of course nothing fits it. On top of that I have no way to get a good look at it. The hole is facing at a downward angle and it is very close to the tub wall, even taking a picture with my phone isn’t working. I would like to take the cover off to see if there is indeed an elbow pipe and check the seal. If it is just that I don’t need a hole in the wall. Oh well, I’ll have to find some way to get it off without trying to hulk out and break it haha. Those little things get me super mad and I have to back up or I make it worse. Thankfully I know that about myself now.

In other news pay day is tomorrow for me, and I have couches coming on Thursday!

I bought my wife a gift out of the blue. She has a side photography business, and has run out of room to store all of here data. I went ahead and bought her a 3TB external hard drive made by Western Digital, and an internal hard drive of the same size for inside her PC. This will give her room to grow and be a a great way to keep those precious photos backed up. She had been wanting a solution for a little while now and I just got the itch to help out so I did. πŸ˜€

Our taxes are all ready to be sent in too! I can’t wait to get our refund, so we can pay the majority of this furniture off haha. I hate being in debt over everyday life items. Once that is all paid off I’ll start my hunt for a family sized vehicle for myself. I’ll be looking for something with all wheel drive, or four wheel drive, for our harsh winters. It also has to have back seats for the incoming little kiddo.

That is all for today! To ease the pain of my current bathtub issue, please comment about anytime you have had a seemingly simple task go haywire. I need a good laugh in good company! I hope to see you again tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


7 thoughts on “Nothing Is Ever Simple”

  1. The last “simple thing” that went haywire for us was that my car needed a new turn signal light. Buy a bulb, take out the old, screw in the new, right? Well, it went well up to the point after we bought the bulb. It turns out that to change a rear turn signal bulb, my husband to to almost completely dismantle the rear bumber from the inside JUST to be able to get to the bullb! UGH!

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      1. Yes. I forgot to mention that what should have taken 5 whole minutes (including buying the bulb) turned out to take a couple days by the time the tools were gathered and the rear bumper could basically get disassembled! LOL

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