Hey Everyone!

Last night I went to a viewing. Our company nurse’s husband passed away on Friday. We all knew it was coming he had lung cancer for a while and fell into a coma Thursday. It is always a weird feeling for me to go to a viewing, sometimes because it can be awkward talking to the family members that you don’t know and other times because the realization of a dead body in the room freaks me out. Sometimes, like last night, I can’t look away from the deceased. Hopefully, rarely do we have the opportunity to see someone like that. It is remarkable how, most times, they look like they could just wake up and be walking around the room. I value the time I had with him while he was alive, no matter the scale. I also value the somber time, of seeing them for the last time, before they are physically gone for good. As I have gotten older I feel like I have accepted the fact that we will all die ,and although it still scares me, I am able to meet death as a friend rather than an enemy.

But, enough about that. The rest of my night was lazy. My wife and I watched a few shows. and she gave me some early Valentines goodies. I should have taken a picture but it completely slipped my mind. She set up a spot on the table with all of my favorite snacks and had little tags with sweet things written on them. Speaking of Valentines Day, my wife and I are going somewhere tonight just to hang out. It will get us out of the house, since we don’t have a lot of extra cash we aren’t really doing anything  on a large scale. So we will spend most of the evening with each other, doing whatever.

In video game news I started playing ARK Survival Evolved.

*Just got unbelievably busy*

And we are back. ARK is a frustrating but fun survival game. You build a character and are placed on a beach and you have to survive. There are dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures that you have to watch out for, all while you are trying to make tools find food, and water. You will die, a lot! Once you get the hang of it you will be off and running.

*I just tried to upload a video and it was taking way to long F that*

Go here: to see the trailer. It really is fun.

I have completely lost my train of though and this post has taken way too long to complete.

I hope you have a great Valentines Day! My wife and I will do the same, c-ya again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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