Fun Saturday! (Guns)

Hey Everyone!

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.

I’d like to skip right ahead to my Saturday. I was going to help my cousin pretty much scam the Army. I guess they have this thing where the Army will pay you to deliver household goods and pay you based on the weight in the trailer. He is going to be moving some furniture later, but it wouldn’t max the trailers weight specs. (Meaning he would get less money) He concocted a pretty not great plan. He needed help loading 90 bags of concrete from Lowes (80lb bags) He was then going to go weight his trailer, get a slip saying it was max weight, then return all the concrete. (Yes we had to unload them again back onto pallets) It came out to be like 7,000lbs of concrete. Lowes wasn’t very happy either, as I’m sure you could imagine.

After that whole big thing, we picked up my brother and my other cousin and shot a bunch of guns. We are members to a sportsman’s club in the area, and shoot there when we can. My one cousin collects guns so he brought five, I brought two, my brother brought two, and my other cousin brought one. So with ten guns we had quite the field day.

Here is my cousin trying to sight in his rifle. I say try because he was unsuccessful. There is something wrong with the way his scope was mounted that it couldn’t be adjusted. You can also see my other cousin’s AR-15 and a few hand guns.


Here is another shot, this time with my brother in the background also sighting in his deer hunting rifle. The hand gun in that blue case is my brother’s 357 Magnum. It’s shiny haha.


These two here are mine. The bigger one is my Glock 21, it is a .45 ACP. The smaller one is the one I carry often. It is a Bersa Thunder .380. It was the smallest gun we had there(Size and Caliber). It is super slim and fits in my waistband nicely.


Here is again my cousin’s AR and his M&P Shield .40. This is the one he carries. I would love that gun for myself because it is a much higher caliber than my .380., and almost as (physically) small.


This last picture is a WWI gun. It is by far the oldest one we had there and it is awesome. It is an old 1911 .45 caliber. My cousin told me the back story, I’ll butcher it, but try telling you anyway. It was made just as WWI was ending, and didn’t see combat then. It then went to WWII and saw some action, as well as the Vietnam War. From there it was bought by someone and traveled to the Springfield Armory and got a new slide. I can’t remember what was scratched off in the picture. My cousin got his hands on it because the guy that eventually ended up with it is literally afraid of guns and didn’t want it in his house.


We went to my brothers house after and played Cards Against Humanity. It is fun with 9 people! We had some drinks and some laughs, then it was back home.

Sunday I laid around and did nothing productive, and I loved it! I played all my games and did some house work but never had to put on real pants. That is my gauge on how well you relaxed on a weekend, by the number of times you had to put on real pants. haha

That’s all from me. I hope to see you back again tomorrow! 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “Fun Saturday! (Guns)”

  1. The weekends are pretty much the only time I can say, “Not today Satan!” to pants. It looks like you had a lot of fun, shooting is always enjoyable. Pair that with laughing, drinking & Cards Against Humanity & that sounds like a perfect weekend.

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