Money and Firearms

Hey Everyone!

I hope you have a a great week. I have realized that I need more money to complete some of the things I want to…hmmmm. I was just thinking earlier today that it would be nice to insulate my garage and put up OSB on the walls. I ran some of the numbers and found out that it would be close to $600 to get the supplies. While I was at it I priced out a few things I can put on a Christmas list πŸ™‚ I found things like a miter saw, circular saw, cordless drill, reciprical saw, and a table saw. Then I wondered where I’d put it all. This lead me to find some plans online for peg board storage on the walls, and hanging bins for hardware. Again bringing me back, full circle, to having to get the walls insulated and finished. DOH! I hope I find $1000 in an envelope laying on the ground today haha. I know everything takes time and patience, but waiting comes hard for me. For instance, I need a newer car for toting around a baby, but in order to do that I have to pay off the furniture I bought and sell my truck most likely. I would love to just go sign the papers now and deal with it, but I know I should wait until my head is above water.

In other “news” I went an picked up my concealed carry permit: (They make you look like a serial killer)


I thought on and off about showing the picture for a few reasons. First of all there is a ton of information on there, as you can tell by the parts that are blocked out lol. another reason being that it is fairly personal in nature just as an item. and lastly because some people may not agree with certain laws and things dealing with firearms. I don’t mind that you know I was born on the 16th of July, and that I’m 28, I think? or that I have brown hair. But as you can see they list everything. Here in Pennsylvania, there are extensive background checks, before you can even renew one of these bad boys. I had to wait about a month before I could even go pick this up. As you can see I get it for self defense as it is listed there, but also for the simple things that come with it. With this permit I am able to carry my gun in my car, hidden under a seat, it can be loaded in the car, and I can wear it in my waist band. They are just simple pleasures associated with it. In Pennsylvania, you can carry them everywhere except court facilities, schools (K-12)(1,000′ away), some state buildings, federal buildings, detention facilities/mental hospitals, and any private property that it is forbidden. It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t if you think about it. On a normal day how many of those places do you really visit? Yes, schools often f you have children, but unless you are a teacher you would only be there at most an hour out of your day, or less. I could carry everyday and only have to take mine off at work. I can get groceries, go out to eat, go shopping, and hang out around the house and be just fine. One other exception is set in place for “first class cities”, in my case there is only one in Pennsylvania, and that is Philly. It is based on population only and is again for safety more than anything. That is my quick little informational excerpt, on some laws. That is about it for today!

I have been a hunter since I was 11 and interested in guns my whole life. Let me know your experience with firearms, of any kind, if any. Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below. I know this subject scares some for good reason, and others are indifferent. *The only thing I won’t allow is negative comments forcing any agenda, pro gun or otherwise.* If you don’t like firearms and the laws, that is fine just convey that information like an adult, and in a good mindset. I hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll be getting dinner with my wife after work and hoping to relax all weekend! (Good Luck) I’ll see you all again Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



6 thoughts on “Money and Firearms”

  1. They do. Although we still have to have a permit to conceal, in a vehicle. We have an open carry law which is nice as well. If you legally own a handgun and carry it on your waist, visible to the eye, you can walk around with out a permit of any kind. This in different parts of the US would freak certain people out by just seeing a gun, but where I’m from it is pretty common.


  2. I don’t personally have any guns, although I’ve been around them at times. My entire family is military so I’ve seen quite a few guns! My brother was a Viet Nam era Navy Seal. My Dad was Army and then Air Force, my (other) brother,and my husband were Army. My husband and several friends over the years have also served in the guard. Some still do. My nephew is a Marine. We have friends who are hunters of all sorts of prey. My husband used to be a duck hunter.

    I can definitely understand why people (especially these days) would want to carry for self defense. In my area of the country, most homes do have guns. We know someone who’s son was shot during an attempted home invasion. Some home owners prefer tasers for self defense. We have friends who carry–male and female.

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    1. Your family sure is rich in military experience! That’s awesome. It is the same way here, most homes of the people I know have some soft of firearm in their home. Tasers are a great alternative in certain situations, and can help the family feel safe without the threat of a potentially deadly weapon.

      My wife would like to carry for self defense, but is still not comfortable enough to go for it. I know of a few girls that carry and it is great to see.

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