Random, Nerd Note

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back, I’m not sure if I have much to write about today lol.

I do have this big dumb plotter printer in my office haha. They replaced it with a new one down stairs for our engineers and for what ever reason wanted to keep this one for a bit. I think they want to fabricate a print chatcher like the one you see on the bottom of this printer. (the cage looking thing) We really don’t have a place for it so my network admin wheeled it in to my office yesterday. I have the smallest office so he thought it would be funny….20170209_124736.jpg

Other things that I did today…hmmm. Oh, I found out how to download custom ringtones to my NEC IP Phone at work. Just your typical office phone, here is mine, it is a NEC DT800:


I first had to set up a TFTP Sever on my PC. For this I used a free program called Solar Winds, it sets up a TFTP-Root directory in your C:\ drive. Anything that you want to transfer out via TFTP needs to be in that root folder. I went online and found a few bits of music and things to test it out. We found that we could use Audacity , a free program, to cut the audio clip, but it didn’t offer the settings that we needed. After failing a ton of times my co-worker and I figured out that if you use another free program called Switch Sound File Converter, you can set the audio file to the right settings. They had to be 8 bit, under 256KB, ect. From there we put the file in the root directory and hopped over to the phones. TO download it you have to set your download address, which is the IP of your machine. Next you have to set your protocol to TFTP so it knows to look for your TFTP-Root folder. You then proceed to the download option and type in the filename. Once that saves, all you have to do it set the download to be your active ringtone. It sounds like alot but if you have the file ready to go all you have to do it grab it.

I don’t really have anything planned this weekend or tomorrow. I doubt I will just get a free weekend to relax and hang out lol. Something is bound to come up. It always does.

Oh one last thing my concealed carry permit is in, I have to go to the Sheriff’s office to get it. I need to find time to do it though because they are only open until 3:45pm and I don’t get out of work until 4:30. DOH!

I hope you are all having a great week! I’ll see you again tomorrow. 😀 😀



2 thoughts on “Random, Nerd Note”

  1. I like to think he is helping me by keeping other people out of my office, but I can’t be too sure haha.

    The phone thing was driving me nuts for about a month, and when we got it it was a huge relief.

    I just got it! I took a half hour of time off after lunch to be there right when they got back.

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