I Remembered!!

Hey Everyone!

Back again on another rainy “Hump Day.” Too many times to count this winter we have had all the snow melt and get hammered with rain.

I want to let you all know that I remembered to get pictures of my furniture! I was and still am proud of myself for that haha. Here we go:

This first one is of one of our two end tables in the living room. (Don’t mind the old couch or wires, we haven’t got the new ones yet and meh mess.) I love this flooring by the way, it is a very heavy duty laminate that looks like hardwood. I love it.


This is just a good picture of the top of the other one. My wife doesn’t remember picking one with the lighter part on top but when our other furniture comes I think it will look just fine either way. I’ve left the majority of the decorating to her. πŸ˜€


Moving upstairs, we have our almost complete bedroom! This is the bed frame that we got with one of the two matching nightstands. (I’m not sure why but one came yesterday and the other should be here today.) We also have a TV mount on the wall that I think is stripped out so that will be for another day.


Opposite the bed we have our six drawer dresser. It matches just like everything else and for now we have our old TV on it connected to my wife’s laptop. The Coaxial cable doesn’t reach over there for our local stations so we just use Wi-Fi and Netflix.. πŸ˜€


Here is just a closer picture of the dresser. You can see that they have the top two drawers lined in this fabric. By the plant are a few of the felt pads I have been using. They are dark so they don’t stick out as much, if at all.


We are really happy so far with all of the furniture that we have gotten from wayfair.com, everything as come without any dings, dents, or other issues. It is taking some time to get it all though. Our couches won’t be here until the 23rd of this month. Thankfully we have old ones for the time being or we would be sitting on the floor haha.

Today at work I spent the morning fighting with a large network printer. It wouldn’t send scans to individuals e-mails. I hate printers more than anything in this world. They never just do what they are supposed to do. You can always bet that they won’t work when you need them to. I ended up fixing it by using the IP address of the mail relay server instead of the DNS name of the same damn server….I know most of you don’t understand that, but think of it like having two names for one thing and most of the time they work interchangeably, except when dealing with a printer. GAH! The rest of the morning I rewired my co-workers office. He was complaining that he couldn’t find a surge protector, so I cleaned his whole area up and did some cable management. What did I find in the process, you guessed it his surge protector lol.

That is how my past 24 hours have been, pretty decent! I now have three PCs here at work running data for the search of ET as well. πŸ˜€ I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



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