What Should We Name Our Son?

Hey Everyone!

Last night our contractor did indeed come back. Thankfully he was only here for about 30 minutes. We secured the counter with caulking on the under side, and also lined the edges. He brought in his nail gun and put up the trim. So his work there is done! We, on our own, want to get trim for all of the corners, and paint a few of the small spots that we scuffed up from lifting the counter. Once that is done we will be officially finished with that project. We may run to the store soon, or wait a bit.

Tomorrow we are allowed to wear our favorite NFL team jersey, in good spirit for the football game Sunday. I will of course be wearing my Jason Witten jersey. As most of you know I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, and have been since I was a toddler in the early 90’s. They had a very good year this year, one of the best on record. It was cut short by the Packers in a very close comeback game. You could say, mistakes were made lol. That won’t change the fact that they are still my go to team and always will be. That’s is what being a true fan is about. 😀  Speaking of the Super Bowl, we will have our annual party at my parents house. We take all the weird little bets before the game, like how long the anthem will be and who will score first, stuff like that. We do all of that just for the fun of it. Most of my family comes over and we make homemade pizza mmmm. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and have it in a post next week.

I have a few quick fire things on my mind too. Here they are:

  • My wife and I are looking for awesome boy names
  • I have to pay my gas bill
  • Lost is killing me now that I’m a few episodes into season 6
  • I wonder what I’ll eat for dinner

I never said it was an exciting list, but that is the stuff that hits me all at the same time.

Feel free to share you ideas about baby boy names if you would like. I’ll gladly pitch them to my wife if they catch my interest. file_176589_0_baby_boy_names

That’s it for today folks. I hope you have enjoyed your stay today. I’ll see you back again tomorrow for a update on the weekend and possibly a couple of other things, who knows what! C-ya 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “What Should We Name Our Son?”

  1. Main thing I have to say about boy names – my MIL who is a principal and a teacher for 30 odd years told me when I had mine not to use “Michael” or “Christopher ” as it’s the boys with those names that tend to be the biggest handfuls lol… I always liked Benjamin, Daniel, Justin… not the most unique of names granted, but…

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  2. I tend to like both old fashioned (but not way out there) names and also more contemporary names. I will have to put some thought into a boy’s name. I would also suggest you avoid names like “Chris” since it could be a boy or girl name.

    I can almost feel your relief to be done with that contractor! LOL

    Your Super Bowl party sounds fun!

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