How is your driving record?

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back on this fine Tuesday afternoon.

I had the opportunity to watch the movie ‘Arrival’ recently and it was different haha. arrival_hk

It is about some alien things coming to earth to ‘help’ humanity. I won’t go into much detail for those of you that haven’t seen it. It has Amy Adams as the lead actress, followed by Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. It is a slow movie that provokes thought, rather than portray action. If you are into that kind of thing check it out. With the Oscars being held so recently it must be said that they were nominated for eight Oscars, winning only one. It is a good movie at about two hours long. I just wanted to put that out there because it was fresh on my mind.

I have been trying to figure out a way to keep track of my bills and what not so I don’t forget to pay them. I have Outlook through work, and just started to use the calendar. For now I have all day appointments set for a couple days after my bill should post. I will try that out for month or two. If that doesn’t work well, then I might try to make it just two days a month to pay them all, if I’m able to. It really just seems like there is no good way to keep track of seven plus monthly bills that post on different days, and require different payment methods. Gah, it is so much more added stress that isn’t needed. It could be partly due to the fact that this is the first time I have paid for all of the bills in a household. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but should I really have to get used to it? I should try to find a really good way that works for me. I’ll tweak it when I can. I also have a fairly basic Excel sheet that keeps track of my bills per month/year. It can tell me what I have paid in total per month, how much I paid per year in each category (gas, electric, water,etc…), and how much I paid total all year. I have the sheet copied and ready for the next five years haha.

It is hard for me not to look at the big picture and freak out. I have so much stuff that I want to do to/in that house, and I can’t see a time that I can do most of it. Some being money related, others being time related. On top of that starting a family and trying to potentially finding a car is stressing me the F*ck out. Again, I’m sure it will be fine and I am just having a moment, but this moment keeps reoccurring lol. I have thought about just keeping my truck and only taking the baby in my wife’s car and seeing how much of a big deal it will be. It really may work out fine. That would be one less thing to worry about. One day I will need a new vehicle but our plan is to put it in my wife’s name and just have me as a primary driver, to keep costs, down.

If you don’t know, and you wouldn’t I have had a not great past when it comes to driving records. I have had my license taken away three separate times. When I was younger, and kind of still now, I didn’t really agree with the speed limits. I racked up enough points in my state and other states, for speeding only, to lose it. In doing so at one point I got my whole family kicked off of their insurance completely, and the rates skyrocketed. I have been scared ever since to get my own insurance for fear of not being able to afford it. I know, even now years late, that the rates are still high from that stuff. That is why I would just hop on with my wife. The more you know! πŸ˜‰


I have seen this in my rear view mirror more times than I can remember! Even just in finding this picture I can feel myself getting a tight chest. I get really defensive around police officers and internally frustrated. I do my best to maintain a good demeanor knowing that it comes from a place in the past and not of the present but it just happens in an instant.

If you don’t mind sharing, what run ins with the ‘fuzz’ have you had? If none, great! Not that it needs written but if you don’t feel like sharing you don’t ever have to. It is just fun sometimes to start a conversation. πŸ™‚

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoy my stress and awful driving record! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Weekend Roundup!

Hey Everyone!

We got some more boards up on the cabin Friday, but I failed to get any pictures. It got too dark too early. I did get to bring my wife with me, which was nice.

Saturday I woke up early, and the wife and I went to a local diner and had breakfast. It is a family owned place and I am pretty good friends with the owner so I like going there. It has a very nice atmosphere. This was my coffee, one of the three I had that morning haha.


Later, I went with my brother and the groomsmen in his wedding, to get fitted. We met at his house at 11am, and left when his late friends got there at 11:30. Being late is a huge pet peeve of mine. Anyway, we had a nice time, everything went quick. Afterwards we ate at a place called “Taco Hut”taco-hut_orig.jpg

It is a pretty good sized Mexican restaurant with zero Mexicans working there that day…weird. It was good food with good service, and I would go there again in a heartbeat. It is one of the places I need to go with my wife, she loves that stuff.

I came home Saturday and my wife’s grandmother, mom, and sister in-law were still around. Our sister in-law of course had her baby with her. I was glad they were still there so I could see them all and hold the baby. Surprisingly they went to a Mexican spot to eat lunch too, so I guess she didn’t miss out on anything!

Come Sunday, I didn’t do much of anything worth mentioning. I was a pretty lazy day with not much going on. That is how I like to spend my Sundays. I’m OK with going hard most of the weekend on projects and what not, but I like to have a day to myself and chill a little. It can be with people too but just not a hectic running around kind of day.

I have been trying to get in the mindset of eating healthier. I think I have my head there but I haven’t told my stomach yet lol. I have a serious problem with self control, and eating. I get bored I eat. I get mad/sad/annoyed/stressed/happy, I eat. I haven’t been able to stop snacking all the time. I do eat health meals otherwise, but it is the snacking on crap food that gets me every time. My ideal goal would be to lose 40lbs and keep it off. I did it a few years ago, and gained it all back. I was runningΒ  two miles every morning before school and work and I watched my food like a hawk, and it wore on me. I gave it up and slowly the weight came back. I want to work on my self control and stop the snacking, and see where that leaves me. No real reason for posting about it, other than it was on my mind haha. I have wanted to go on a cleanse because I haven’t ever done one before, and I have also wanted to try meal replacement shakes. I watched a video on Soylent and it really gets me thinking about giving up food forever. Check it!

If you can get past the early stages and get used to a full replacement like that, you really could give it all up. Again, fighting the urge to eat all the time would kill a person like me but I think it would be cool. Let me know what you think. I know it isn’t full proof, yet, but do you think at some point we could be sustained by a drink? It would take the hassle out of meal prep and decision making out of picking a spot to eat. It would also , however, ruin some social gatherings. What about a step by step intro to it, could we replace all meals except dinner? Who knows, tell me your thoughts!

That’s all for now, I’ll see you all back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Whoa! Getting Deep

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday our couches arrived! This is the last piece of furniture that we were waiting for. I no longer have to track a package and make sure I received everything. My brother met me at the house when I got out of work, and we moved them in. The old couches went with him back to his house. He will be storing them in his garage until either my wife’s mom comes to get them or we use them in the cabin. Here is a couple shots, that I remembered to get:


Speaking of the cabin, we are going to work on it again today. Yesterday my brother and dad went and got more of the wood needed for the next part. Today was supposed to be crappy and rainy, but it is exactly the opposite! It is about 70 degrees here today and sunny. It is too bad that I’m stuck at work though. It is dead here by the way. It is ,an unusual, warm Friday in February, and everyone took off. I can think of about 20 people that aren’t here just off the top of my head. This means there isn’t much for me to do, since there are no ‘users’ here haha.

The morning went pretty quick but I fear this afternoon might drag on and on. Of course what comes next is a super fast weekend, then straight back to work in the blink of an eye. I was just talking to our HR manager about the new planets and space in general and it really makes you wonder why we do what we do here on earth. Why it even matters if you come to things like work? There is so much out there and unknown, heck we might be the smartest things out there (probably not) but we spend our time slaving away on paperwork for what? It is really a terrible cycle. I went to college to get a job to pay off the debt I have from college. I mean, I understand why bartering and what not became a thing, but everything could be so simple and we chose to make it this chaotic mess. I dare you to go watchΒ  the show “Cosmos” presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Watch two or three episodes in a row and then shut everything off. No lights, no phone, no anything. At that point you should have had a decent brain melting and will wonder why we do the tedious things that we do.

On the other hand I understand that some, maybe most, humans need to be distracted. If we all had the chance to really comprehend things we could/would go nuts. We don’t like to not know things, not be in a routine, or rhythm. We need distraction from things like jobs, and the concept of time to keep us feeling like we are somewhat in control of things. Even if we are just one planet floating in nothingness, by mostly accidental evolution. By having jobs we feel in control of life, like we are the ones making money in which to dictate our future. By creating time itself we have a way to measure when to do certain tasks, like getting up for that job. It allows us to meet and set deadlines for others. Gah, it is all so weird. This is the type of thing my mind sometimes wonders to on a slow day lol. I start by wondering why I’m at work, getting paid, to do nothing. I get the feeling, like why would it be bad for me to just leave work and enjoy this nice day. It does just come down to adhering to those constraints made by humans for humans. Super weird!

That is about enough of that! I hope you all have had a great week, and I hope to see you again on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll be sure to do the same. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


The More You Know!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been one of those weird days down the rabbit hole, for me. cab84f342994cac8ca51f7cab0ccfdbd_400x400

Since I have been at work today I have been stuck on exploring all sorts of things online. I think it started with my favorite YouTuber Philip DeFranco talking about the seven new exoplanets. So it began with space exploration, which if you know me is always an interest of mine. This led me to learn a bit more about SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) I have had my three PCs using their idle time to analyze data. I asked the leader of the Danish team I am on about what we were doing to help, and he told me this:

“Ok, here`s some info:
your computer analysis a data bit called “work unit” ( you might already know this πŸ™‚ )
it searches for some things called: Spikes, Pulses, Gaussians and Triplets and if they will appear more than once at the same spot/location where it was recorded
at the given radio telescope (Arecibo in Pueto Rico or the newer Green Bank, West Virginia)
hope that did give you some more info you were looking for.


I found out that they collect about 36GB of data per 24 hours. There are 140,000 work units in 36GB of data. Each work unit takes 30 hours to analyze fully! It was coming out to 4.2 million hours to process just one days worth of data! That is ridiculous, I see why they couldn’t just buy the computers themselves, it would cost a fortune. So lending your PC is a huge help.

I also found out that what they were looking for, those spikes and pulses, was to see those same things over and over again in the same spot in the sky. They want to see if there is anything out there emitting a signal from the same spot consistently, thus leading them to believe that something is there. Spooky!

Then I started to check out those observatories he mentioned. They are pretty neat and the one in West Virginia is only six hours away from me. πŸ˜€ I may check it out sometime. This lead me down a path of informational YouTube videos. I looked into Ted Talks on computer security, hacking, and the deep web. After that I went deeper into the abyss by watching Vice videos on Slab City in California, and a cult leader in Russia who believes that he is Jesus haha. Super random, I know but I could only pull myself away to write this up!

After all this I got a text from my wife saying that our couches were delivered! YAY!!! Here is the text I got:


I now am tasked with getting a haircut, bringing these in the house and unwrapping them, as well as getting the old couches over to my brother’s garage. this will be another night where I won’t be able to figure out my tub situation. Oh well, another day!Β  It is supposed to be super rainy and thunderstormy the next few days but I think we may still head up tomorrow after work and work on the cabin a bit.

Thanks for stopping in today, I really appreciate it! Feel free to let me know if you ever catch yourself getting caught up in weird videos, on off the wall topics. It doesn’t happen to me often but when it does it is pretty rough haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow, c-ya! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Pay Day! (Meme City)

Hey Everyone!

Today was pay day for me! That is exciting and depressing all at the same time. :/ I love being rewarded for doing my job well. It is also nice to feel like I have some money for a few seconds. From the time I wake up until I log into my online banking I’m loaded! After that I’m poorer than poor. Once it is all said and done I usually have about $10 in my account, if I’m lucky. That isn’t a great feeling, but I have put that money to good use. I make sure that my bills are paid, that I have gas in my car, that my student loans are covered for another month, and that my savings for our unborn child is growing. Anything that is left over is put into some sort of home/emergency account. When it is all said and done it is a weird mix of feelings.

Last night my remaining storage showed up for my wife’s PC. She now has 7TBs of total storage at her disposal. If she fills that up anytime soon we will be needing a damn file server haha. When I was checking the porch for the hard drive I saw two other packages. They were gifts from our baby registry. We received a bassinet, bottle drying rack, and a breast feeding pillow thingy. They are all pretty neat, it is simple things like that that excite and freak me out at the same time. Everything continues to remind me that it is real and happening.Β  I still think of myself as a kid and now I’m going to be a father, super weird.

This weekend is looking to be another busy one. Saturday I’ll be spending most of the day with my brother and the groomsmen for his wedding. We are going to get more fittings and pay for clothes we will only wear once. I think we are going to have lunch at some point as well. Sunday I heard that my wife’s dad , girlfriend, baby are coming. I think if they do they are bringing some more baby supplies since they just had a baby boy last year. My wife’s grandfather does our taxes so I hope he has her dad bring the papers to us so we can just send them out. It looks to be crappy, rainy, and stormy all weekend so It will be mostly an inside kind of weekend. I think we can still get the house fairly cleaned up, just in time to mess it up the next week haha.

I just want to share some more payday memes because it was fun finding the first two!

Ah, much better! Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Nothing Is Ever Simple

Hey Everyone!

As you read from my last post my tub leaked somehow all throughout my house! DOH! I have it mostly figured out. It is one of three things and hopefully not a combination of all of them. The first and best possible scenario is that there is a pipe that is butt up against the overflow, and the seal is just gone. The second and third involve cutting an access panel into my wall. Scenario two is that there is no elbow pipe against the overflow. I would have to cut the access hole and buy a panel and the correct fitting and get back there and install it. If this is what is going on then any water that gets into that overflow valve is just going somewhere in my house. Scenario three is that all the the pieces are there, but part of the vertical pipe is cracked or broken. I am worried about a couple things first being,Β  I’m not sure if the pipe is old galvanized steel, copper, or pvc. If it is old steel I am worried that if I put pressure on it that it will crack or shatter. I am also worried about having multiple things going on in there, like having a broken pipe and missing an elbow joint to corral the water.

Now that you kind of understand the situation, you can imagine my frustration when step one is to pull off the overflow cover and not being able to do it! I have everything figured out and the simplest of tasks is standing in my way. All the the other fittings, from teh same company, fit with a certain size Allen wrench. There is a hole for the overflow and of course nothing fits it. On top of that I have no way to get a good look at it. The hole is facing at a downward angle and it is very close to the tub wall, even taking a picture with my phone isn’t working. I would like to take the cover off to see if there is indeed an elbow pipe and check the seal. If it is just that I don’t need a hole in the wall. Oh well, I’ll have to find some way to get it off without trying to hulk out and break it haha. Those little things get me super mad and I have to back up or I make it worse. Thankfully I know that about myself now.

In other news pay day is tomorrow for me, and I have couches coming on Thursday!

I bought my wife a gift out of the blue. She has a side photography business, and has run out of room to store all of here data. I went ahead and bought her a 3TB external hard drive made by Western Digital, and an internal hard drive of the same size for inside her PC. This will give her room to grow and be a a great way to keep those precious photos backed up. She had been wanting a solution for a little while now and I just got the itch to help out so I did. πŸ˜€

Our taxes are all ready to be sent in too! I can’t wait to get our refund, so we can pay the majority of this furniture off haha. I hate being in debt over everyday life items. Once that is all paid off I’ll start my hunt for a family sized vehicle for myself. I’ll be looking for something with all wheel drive, or four wheel drive, for our harsh winters. It also has to have back seats for the incoming little kiddo.

That is all for today! To ease the pain of my current bathtub issue, please comment about anytime you have had a seemingly simple task go haywire. I need a good laugh in good company! I hope to see you again tomorrow. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Cabin Build & A Mishap

Hey Everyone!

I am feeling much better than I was on Friday.

Saturday was busy, busy, with us heading out and starting a cabin build. My brother and I met at my dad’s house at around 10am and gathered what we needed. From there we stopped at Lowes for some lumber and we were on our way by 11am. Progress by picture….now:

Once we found our spot we had to square things up and dig post holes. This took the majority of the time. We ran into every tree root and rock in the ground, I promise. Here s my dad trying to get a rock out by hand.


We made three sections like this one. 12′ across and 10′ deep. The cabin will be 24′ with a 6′ porch, as long as we don’t constantly change our minds. Here you can see my brother trying to dig a hole, with the help of his two Great Danes.


Like I said before we made three of the same sections. Here are two of the sections. Don’t mind that the posts are all messed up. They aren’t set in the ground or squared at the top.


Along the way we met this little buddy!


Here we have all three sections up and squared at the bottom. We still haven’t set the posts because if we have to move them in any way or dig beside them we still can. The creek is off to the right, where the porch will face.


Since we strayed away from making a 40′ cabin we had a few boards left over. We used them to straighten up the top of some of the posts. My brother and dad want rafters, to help with making the roof, but I think it is a terrible idea. The standing room will only be about 6′ if they do. One or two would be fine for stability but I think they should just make gable ends and run a ridge beam. That would make the standing height over 8′.


Here is just a picture I took riding on the back of my brother’s 4-wheeler, after we were all done. I went to cut firewood for home, only to realize that my chain was all jacked up. I had to use my chainsaw to get a few roots in the post holes, and I must have chewed it up on rocks. :/ ( A little muddy)


When it was all said and done, we left around 5pm


After our jam packed Saturday we wanted to go out again Sunday but my dad wanted to watch his NASCAR race. Sunday was spent around the house, until the worst thing happened. We filled our bath tub for the first time only to realize that our overflow doesn’t drain into a pipe, or that our waterproof seal isn’t water proof! We had water from the second floor all the way into the basement. I called a plumber this morning to make the official call about what happened, even though I’m sure it is one of the two things I stated. Still here at about 1pm I haven’t received a call from them :/

On a better note I will be having our final pieces of furniture delivered on the 23rd of this month! It will be a good feeling to not have to worry about tracking huge packages for a while.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did, up until last night haha. I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

OH! By the way, I have had more views these past two months, than I had all last year (Starting in May) so eight months! That’s awesome, thank you all so much. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

What Will Your Weekend Hold?

Hey Everyone!

We have made it yet again to Friday. I hope you have had a great week.

This morning started early and rough. I woke up at midnight with a sharp pain in my stomach, near my sternum. I got up and felt like I was going to puke, not a great feeling, as I’m sure you know. the feeling subsided and I went back to bed. I was hoping this was the end of it. Well, it wasn’t. I woke up again at 2:30 am, with the same feeling. This time I was sure I would be sick. I went to our basement restroom, thinking I would be loud and not wanting to wake my pregnant wife. Again I got the feeling I was going to puke. You know the feeling, mouth watering, and constant swallowing. No fun. Yet again it just kind of went away. This time I slept until my alarm went off. When I woke up the pain had moved to about where my belly button is and still was a fairly sharp pain. In no other way did I feel unwell. I got ready and ate breakfast and headed to work. I have at this moment drank 96 oz. of water and had six antacids. So far I’m doing OK. I hope that the water may flush out whatever is messing around inside me, and until then I want those antacids to keep the peace! lol

My wife, sometime this morning, sprung on me that her sister was coming to visit tonight. My instant thought is “Great, they can hang out and leave somewhat ill me to play video games.” This will probably be what happens and I’m 100% good with that. I mean I’ll be inviting but then it will be back upstairs to work on my ARK Survival Evolved structure. πŸ˜‰

**Pee break! Did I mention I drank 96 oz. of water? haha**

Tomorrow morning, if I feel the same or better, I will be meeting with my dad and brother. We are going out to start work on the cabin, at his property. We would like to take my brothers 4-wheeler and an additional trailer to haul wood and tools. By the end of the day Saturday I would like to see that the posts are in the ground, and framed up a little bit. I would also like to have a truck load of cut wood to stack and let dry for my fireplace. I’ll need to split the logs, so I hope my brother will lend me his axe. As far as Sunday is concerned I have no plans. I have a few cardboard boxes to take over to my dad’s, even if it is just to make room for more! Our couches and chair are being delivered on the 23rd of this month. After that delivery we will have received all the furniture that we have ordered. It will be a huge relief to not have to track packages for a while. My next big thing after paying off the furniture will, of course, be getting a suitable vehicle for a baby car seat, but that is a whole other matter.

Feel free to share your weekend plans with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you have going on.

I’ll be back again Monday. I hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Don’t forget to check out my other social media pages, linked on the sidebars! C-ya πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So We’re Building a Cabin

Hey Everyone!

We have had quite a bit of random weather this month. This week is no different. It has been snowing for a full two days, but the weekend is forecast to be 50+ and sunny. With that being the case my brother and I are going to start work on a cabin at our dad’s land. We have posts, but I’m not sure if we are using them or if we are going to put it on skids. I guess ultimately it is up to my dad, because it will possibly effect his property tax. My brother and I are thinking that we will do a 24’x24′ cabin with at least 8′ walls. We will just used 2x4s and frame everything. The floor will be some sort of higher end OSB, and the walls will be insulated. The exterior walls will be covered with OSB, and covered again with rough cut wood from the Amish. For the interior walls we would like to use a mix of leftover lumber from various other projects, some painted, chipped, dark, and light. If we don’t have enough we will just board it up another way. I would like the roof to be vaulted, they may thing differently, but either way it will be covered with metal roofing. We have an old wood stove that we can bring up and pipe out, so that will be nice. We are situating it just off the creek and would like to have a porch facing it. My brother would like it to be done by the middle of May so that we can use it for his bachelor party, but I’m not sure I see that happening. The only reason I say that is because sometimes my family drags their feet on things, other times they cut corners they shouldn’t. It will take multiple trips to camp and the hardware store. We would only really be able to work on it on nice days and on the weekends, which really limits us to about 15 weekends. Again, if they are snowy. Either way when it it done, if we get it done correctly, we should have a place to call our own up there. We can camp there, and stay for hunting, so we don’t have to wake up super early and drive out.

While I’m out there I would like to cut some more wood for my bushcraft shelter and maybe work on the walls of that as well. I would like to take a truck load of wood back to my house and split it for firewood, next year. I really would like an axe of my own but I don’t have one 😦 I know if I I find a decent head that I can have a handle made and the head hung by a friend of my cousins. Looks like I’ll be hitting up some flea markets and garage sales later!

Today at work we had a lunch for a retired employee. This is customarily what they do. The retired person gets a gift up to a certain dollar amount and a luncheon. It is a nice way to honor them and the years of hard work they gave to the company. It is just one of many perks of working here.

I hope you are having a great Thursday, and I hope you have a better Friday! I hope to see you all back tomorrow! Feel free to like, comment, and share my blog posts, if you feel so inclined. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Valentines Day!

Hey Everyone!

*I now have over 200 followers! Thank you all so much.*

So yesterday was the infamous Valentines Day!

My wife and I didn’t plan on really doing anything special, because most times it involves gifts and trips and what not. We managed to have a great night with out buying more than dinner. Right after I got out of work we hit up the local Olive garden and had a great dinner. The wait time was only 25 minutes without a reservation, which is amazing! She ordered some shrimp scampi pasta thingy, and I had the braised beef and gnocchi. It was the first time I ever had that meal and I was very pleased. After dinner we took a stroll in the mall, and did some window shopping. Later, after we were home, we turned on Netflix and watched 51e44741671e4f80ad0dfaeb8e6af0e9 Finding Dory.51e44741671e4f80ad0dfaeb8e6af0e9Β  I kinda have to say I like Finding Dory better than Finding Nemo. It was a quite, calm way to end the evening. We had a very nice evening. Let me know what you guys did for Valentines Day. I don’t care you you ate pizza alone, or flew to Paris! Let me know πŸ˜€

Back to reality today, I had to come to work haha. I have just finished up setting up two new PCs for replacements. The one is going to our company president, which is scary in itself because he is the big cheese, and is awkward in general. lol The other is for the manager of the maintenance department. Which is another fairly high up guy. He has been fighting to keep his current PC, buuuut it has been seven years! He needs to give it up.

I have also been trying to keep up with understanding my insurance. With my wife being pregnant she is going to the doctor a ton. She is being bombarded by EOBs and bills. I have been trying to help figure it all out. I have talked to our HR girl a few times and she has been really helpful. I have to get my wife set up on the web portal and build her a profile. It is really neat. Through the web portal you can set who your doctors are and they have a complete list of what you have paid and to whom, as well as what you owe. Once I get her set up tonight I bet we will both see things more clearly. After that it is all ARK Survival Evolved for me πŸ˜‰

That’s it for today I hope you have enjoyed your time here. Remember you can subscribe to my blog via email from my home page. Please feel free to comment and like this post for more content! I’ll see you again tomorrow, have a great Hump Day! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€