What Does Space Hold?

Hey Everyone!

Back again. I had a very productive weekend, working on my house and shoveling snow haha. To recap the weekend, the wife and I went to Lowes and got everything we needed to finish the babies room, Friday. Everything we needed included a nice new nail gun, and boy those are fun! I had never used one until this past Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, we were a bit blindsided when my brother got a hold of us and asked us to come with him and his fiance, to look for wedding clothes. They are getting married in May and wanted some help. It wasn’t a bad blindside, but a blindside never the less. After we hit up the local Ruby Tuesdays for lunch and came home. I was able to get my brother to agree with helping me finish up the babies room that evening. We borrowed my dad’s table saw and got to work. I had bought the day before 14 feet of white baseboard and 55 feet of quarter round trim, to finish the floors. It took us about four hours to get it all complete but it looks pretty good. The hard part was figuring out how to hold the trim and cut it at about a 45 degree angle to fit all the corners. When that was all said and done the day was complete.

Sunday I woke up and got to work painting. I had to touch up some spots on the dining room wall and the cabinets, as well as touch up some of the ceilings and baseboard in the other rooms where paint leaked through the tape. I was up and down on a step ladder about a hundred times. When I got done I could have just stopped but for some reason I got the urge to do more. Weird I know! Since we moved we have had a pile of wood, plaster, nails, dry wall, and other stuff   cluttering our somewhat small garage. While I still had my dads table saw I took to the pile and separated out all of the burnable wood and cut it into pieces. I separated the non burnable stuff to be taken out with the trash, as well as saved the “good” wood for use at a later date. I wish I had a picture but it was a blizzard outside and I’m sure I looked like a fool. At one point I burnt a pretty good bit of my hair off, by getting a bit too close haha. After that I put some of the usable drywall on the actual wall to save more space. Later that night I shoveled my sidewalks and cleared the seven or so inches of snow away. That was my weekend. There wasn’t much time for anything else but when I had a few moments I cooked and watched Netflix with my wife.

Today is another story of its own. I don’t know what it is about space, but I’m certain it is the next frontier in some way or another. I always wonder how I could help. I’m no Physicist (hell I used spell check on the word) but I’m sure there is a way to help. I found today that you can allow your computer to analyze data, radio waves, ect…  for these companies and agenciesY you can go to SETI@Home,  it is SETI’s website. It stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. I know your thinking “Really, aliens?!?” but is it really that weird considering we don’t know much about what surrounds us? On that site you can download something called BOINC and it manages projects for you, and connects to servers of untranslated data. Your PC then does what it needs to with the data then re uploads it to the servers. Once there the non-profit, government agencies, and colleges can take that data and find something useful in it. Here is what my PC looks like while translating this data from SETI:

The manages is in the top left, and is running about five projects at a time. the rest is a visual of what it is really doing, in a way that boggles my mind haha.


If the ET thing isn’t your style, you can check out Einstein@Home . This is a site that will allow you to still lend your PC, but to search for gravitational waves. This research will help scientists discover neutron stars.

Lastly, there is a site called Zooniverse where you can find any project you want. Anything from medicine to nature and more. They show you cool projects and how you can involve yourself. I know this post got deep into the nerd, but it is still worth checking out even if you have just a bit of curiosity.  Let me know your thoughts on space, and what you think could be, in the comments below.

That is all for now, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! I’ll see you all back here tomorrow. 😀 😀


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