A Farewell To A Good Man

Hey Everyone!

(I will have two posts today. I would like to talk about a topic that isn’t necessarily about daily life in another post.)

I want to start off with a somber and somewhat sad topic. There is a guy that I have worked with the past two years, whose last day was today. I grew up with his children, in the same small town. I knew of him growing up, and know him better now that I have had the opportunity to work with him. He didn’t retire, he has cancer. His cancer was supposed to kill him long ago. He has fought it, and continues to, for the past 10 years. He has exhausted his time off and has run out of available FMLA. He has kind of been forced out, by the legality of operating a company. From a company stand point they can’t really do any more for him. His time has simply run out. We had a luncheon for him just a half hour ago. It was put on by his department, sales. They presented him with a metal plaque, with his face and one liners he used engraved on it. His family was there and they gave a few speeches. He worked her for nearly 20 years and is loved by just about everyone. Since I started working here he was the one that ran the company basketball games that we had every Sunday. It was at his church’s gym. At the half way point of us playing we would stop ,and even though it is not my thing, and pray for people in our lives and at work. These are all things that no one had to do, but he did. He will be missed here at work and when he does pass on he will be greatly missed by many. It is just something that I wanted to write about, to get it out of my mind a bit and share a bit about a good man.

Yesterday we got our baby chair that we have been waiting for. It matches very well, and sits in the corner, just like it belongs there haha. Take a look:


This weekend has a few things in store for me. Later today I have to make a trip up to Lowes. Last night I got measurements for baseboard and quarter round trim, in the baby’s room and the attic. Tonight we will go up and try to find what we need. I may be making a purchase of a nail gun, that way I’ll have a way to fasten everything to the wall. To cut the trim I may barrow my co-workers Miter Saw. I also need to pick up a hinge for the closet, a can of paint and stain, and possibly a door knob. Tonight may end up being a bit more expensive than we expect. I am trying top pay down my credit card bill for all of the furniture while doing this so I have been reserved on some f these projects, but getting the baby’s room done needs to happen. The attic on the other hand needs to get done so that we can move all of our books from my parent’s house to our own.

The rest of the weekend we will be touching up some paint on the walls, that either didn’t get covered enough or was ripped off by the painters tape. (Which isn’t supposed to happen in the first place!)

That is all for this post. I will see you all back here on Monday! I hope to see you then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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