Quite The Little Rant

Hey Everyone!

I have been pretty stressed today about a few things. I wasn’t really in a bad mood until my wife called me, and the subject of paint, painting and our on going hole in the wall project came up. We started to peel the tape away and of course like every other wall we taped, the paint peels off. The majority of it is white around the base board and the ceilings, so we will be going to get a half gallon or so of white to touch those spots up. The dining room however had tape down the walls, since we only painted one. The paint is a deep dark gray and we are hoping that the old paint can is in our basement from when they painted it. If not we are going to have to chip some off and hope for a color match. It is pretty annoying that we have gone through the process of painting these walls only to try and finish them up and realize that there is more to do.

The hole in the wall is a whole other story. I’m still fearful that this contractor we had come help us will flake out and not come back. We started the project when we moved in mid November. It was supposed to take one weekend and be done. It is now almost February and he still hasn’t come back the final time to do the last remaining parts that he said he would do. Again as for some backstory he offered to help us as a favor for her mother, and we would pay for the supplies. He lives over an hour away and hes just a shady  guy. We need him to come back one last time to caulk the sides of the counter and secure it, so that it won’t move. He also bought trim that has been leaning on our wall for a month and is supposed to put that up too. My wife was in contact with him yesterday and he told her that he has another project to finish up and that he would come. She told him that we are free every evening and that he could come anytime, and he never said anything back. Since this whole thing was a move by my wife and a deal from her mother I’m letting her handle this all, but today I told her to get an exact date and time and to get his ass down here. It’s like the straw that broke the camels back, in a way. I have been dealing with this guy and this long wait time, on top of him showing up late twice and once not until the next day for too long. I want this over and done with and it needs to happen soon. Its also like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, in that if I lose my cool and talk to him myself he has the option to disappear forever and never come back, since my wife already paid him. (Which I didn’t know about until after and then informed her was a very bad idea.) I hope that she can just get a damn answer from him and get him here. He was saying he would be here this week but here it is , Thursday, and we haven’t heard that he will be here at all. This is very much so a rant and I’m sorry for that but this stems from a phone call that I was on not 5 minutes before my time to write.

On a much lighter note, my crib and dresser/changing table came yesterday. I spent about five hours last night putting them together, peacefully. I was alone and had my Pandora music app running as loud as it would go. Here are a couple pictures:

This first one is of the crib itself. There is a drawer on the bottom that I didn’t know was there until I built it haha. Also as a side note the metal bear that was on the wall in the middle is down in the crib because it fell off the wall. the Velcro that we used won’t hold it. I will have to anchor it in the wall and use screws.


As you can guess, this one is the dresser. It was much heavier than I thought it would be. It turned out great and I didn’t have any issues putting it together at all. We bought the pad and mattress separate they just happened to come on the same day.


Another bit of furniture news, our chair that goes in the babies room was delivered this morning. Once I get home and check for the paint that we need I will be putting that together and getting it all situated. Pictures will come as well, as long as I can remember to take them.

Thank you for stopping by today and sorry for my rant, sometimes you just have to vent. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Thursday, and I’ll try to do the same. Talk to you tomorrow! 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “Quite The Little Rant”

  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with the contractor. Your wife did learn a valuable lesson–don’t pay until the job is done. I love the baby furniture, but be careful that the baby can’t reach the things on the wall. I see that Daddy is gonna turn this little boy into a hunter!

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    1. Ya I hope for all of our sakes that we never work with family friends ever again haha. Thank you the room still have a little ways to go, but it is coming together nicely. My wife and I decided that the adventure/wildlife theme suited the area that we live in. I do hope he likes outdoor activities, so we can do them together. 😀 Thanks for the comment.

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