Successful Weekend

Hey Everyone!

Monday, Monday, Monday….

This weekend was busy and fast. There was much to be done and much was accomplished. Friday my wife and I went to get groceries and stopped by Lowes to pick up a gallon of paint for the dining room wall. Saturday I had to take advantage of the nice weather. It was 60 degrees and all the snow was gone. The sun was shining, so I went to my camp. I was there for about three or so hours and was able to think and work peacefully. Here is some progress:

This first one is what I decided to do with the walls and the rain fly for the time being. There was a chance of rain but that never happened. You will see in the last picture what I did to tighten the walls.


Here is another angle of the other wall that isn’t as far along as the other, and the rain fly. I guess I should mention that for the rain fly I used a Midshipman’s (Taut Line) Hitch, to keep it, well taut. 😀


Here we have a nice profile shot. The wall is a bit higher and coming along nicely.


Finally we have a picture of the wall braces. I used an Arbor Know, which is often referred to as a Canadian Jam Knot.  It allows you to just yank one way and tighten anything without it coming loose on its own. Very handy.You might notice that I just wrapped the long end around a few times rather than cutting it. I did this because you should keep your paracord at lengths that you can reuse. While at camp I used about 100 ft of paracord and cut it into 8 different pieces.


Later that day we took advantage of the weather again and took our dog for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. She really enjoyed it, like she always does.

Sunday I woke up and had a couple cups of coffee and got started on painting the wall. I successfully got the first coat on. I apologize that I don’t have a picture yet but I’ll touch it all up and then get you a finished product. Once that is done we have the contractor coming back to finish the counter top sometime this week. He would only have to caulk the edges, secure the counter, and nail up the trim under the counter. Then hopefully we can be 100% done with this project! Later we watched the Steelers v. Patriots game. I am not a fan of either team but my family likes the Steelers and everyone hates the Pats… I really didn’t want either team to win. I don’t want anyone getting further past my Cowboys or catching up when it comes to trophies so neither team should have won in my very biased opinion haha. My one friend stated it in a way that caught my attention. He wrote, “Rooting for a side in this game is like trying to decide who is better between Satan and Isis….” It caught me a bit off guard and then made me realize I agree lol. I hope that the Falcons win the Super Bowl, mostly because like my previous statement they are the lesser threat.

that is all I have for today, feel free to let me know your thoughts on football, camping, or house work! I’m involved in it all. I hope you all are having a great start to your week, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “Successful Weekend”

  1. A getaway is a getaway haha. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like a nice hotel now and again. Thank you for the positive feedback on the shelter. It is more work than anyone thinks, even myself. I just got my new sleeping bag so I’m hoping to do an over night camp if we get another break in the weather.


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