A Bit Of Heavy Content

Hey Everyone!

Another rainy day here in NW PA! I hope you are having better weather than  we are.

Yesterday I got my windshield replaced. I just wanted to update you, and let you know it is perfect. I no longer have to worry about a stone hitting it and having it shatter in my face. Woo!

Today at work I was working on updating the PC of the VP of Sales. I had to update her video driver due to the fact that her dual monitors kept switching on and off and not being recognized by the system. She is also a part of the family that owns the company I work for. She is down to earth and smart. She is someone you can have a deeper conversation with, which I did. Today we got on the subject of death and how we are impacted by it. I started by telling her how interesting I thought it was, if you took all emotion out of the subject of death, and just thought of how deaths of certain people affect you differently. I gave her the true example of me being of a younger age but really being broken up about my close friends grandmother dying, but not being broken up about my own grandmother dying years later. There are too many variables for me to have it all figured out, but age, maturity, emotional connection, and mindset are the ones that come to mind first for me. I also wonder how I will react when my grandfather passes. He is on again off again ill, and getting older. I don’t feel like I will be too bothered by him dying and I’m not sure why. He is a nice guy and I love him, but I don’t feel like it will impact me in a way that will change my life in any way. The only thing I can start to understand is that out of those three examples, only the non blood related grandparent gave me the full grandparent treatment. I feel like I had a stronger connection with her, even at a young age , than I did with either of my grandparents in the other examples. We then started talking about parents and children and the whole spectrum, but didn’t get any farther than “I’m sure it sucks.” Again with emotion out of the topic, and really being able to talk about it, it is fascinating. I know I work in IT and this is far from that, but I am also, at heart, a person obsessed with human behavior. My pointless Sociology degree will tell you that haha.

Enough of the potentially sad topics. I really want to work on a comic strip, but I am having a hard time coming up with a plot, or story line. I was thinking structurally that I want to keep the animations minimalistic for a few reasons. I have time constraints with when I would be able to work on it, so it would have to be something that I don’t have too much trouble drawing. I also think there is something to be said for the simpler side of art. You always see intricate art and like it because it is sharp, colorful, and took hours upon hours. And that isn’t a problem by any means, but you have to try hard to get the same reactions from something that seems like less. It is a whole different skill set. Along with the simple design I would want a fairly strong idea to go along with it, some sort of theme, that will keep on giving me real life content. That way I won’t be in fear of writers block or content block. I don’t know, it is still up in the air for now but something to think about.

That’s all from me today, stay scattered! Enjoy your Tuesday! I’ll see you back here again tomorrow! 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “A Bit Of Heavy Content”

  1. I do think some deaths affect us on different levels. It could be how close (or not) we were to the person, our beliefs of life after death (we know where our loved one is, hopefully), and all sorts of other things like maturity as you said.

    The idea of doing a comic strip is pretty cool. I hope you find a rich topic with plenty of material.

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