Furniture Assemble!

Hey Everyone!

I had a pretty eventful, stressful, and full evening yesterday. As you know from yesterday I did some running around getting deliveries yesterday. After work I wanted to go straight home and get working on the set up of our new tables and chairs. Of course, that couldn’t just happen with out something difficult popping up. I got home and figured I would be a good husband and start some laundry. I took the hamper to the basement and to my surprise it was flooded from the rain all day. Lucky me! Before I got in a bad mood, I told myself that I would just deal with it and move on, since I had so much more to do.

I picked up all of the floor mats from the floors and put them in the big sink. I went to the garage and grabbed my shop vac and started sucking up as much of the water as I could with that. I got about a full shop vac full and dumped it in the yard. That got about as much as it could. I moved my new dehumidifier into the middle of the basement and set it to run continuously. The last thing I did was cranked the heat from my furnace and opened all of the basement vents. I shut the vents into the upstairs and left the basement lights on. I wanted as much heat down there as possible. I let it all do its thing and this morning I am happy to report that about 99% of the water is gone! Woo go me!

Now to a better topic. From there I started opening box by box and assembling the dining room tables. It took a long time and was really painful when just using hand tools, but it had to be done. My wife helped and eventually made two chairs on her own. I finished by getting the table itself out and putting it all together. We centered the rug and table in the dining room and took a good look. It went something like this:


*don’t mind the dog prints*


I decided that night that I wasn’t finished. I had the new medicine cabinet delivered so I made sure to put that together too:


It fit perfectly where we wanted it and when it was all said and done I felt good. It was late but I felt pretty accomplished. I was able to take a shower and be in bed by 10:30 pm, I’d say that was jam packed day. Needless to say, but I slept well last night. I woke up a little sore from being down on all fours most of the night but that is just fine. Also the weather is back to being super cold again.

That is about all for me today. I’m going to my brothers tonight for a movie. I hope you enjoy your weekend and I will do the same. I’ll see you all again on Monday! 😀 😀


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