Rainy Day Don’t Go Away!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been a wet one. It has been raining here all night and day so far. Very constant. I have enjoyed it though. It is warmer here today, and all of the snow has melted, which is weird since its January. It is in the 50’s today with a semi warm rain. It will only last today and be about 25 degrees again tomorrow! I brought an umbrella with me to work and never used it. There is just something about a nice rain that connects me with nature and allows me to see a bigger picture. I am instantly in a better mood when it rains. That may be different than most people, but I have come to appreciate the rain and storms in general. It seems to remind me that we are fairly insignificant, and in some weird way makes me feel better no matter what. It makes me feel like my problems aren’t that big and hard to deal with, and reminds me that stress is temporary and caused by my own doing or the doing of another. This in turn coming back to being a bit insignificant and it allows me to let it all roll off my back.

I have been out in the rain a few times today, and a day that I thought would be full of stress has been as relaxing as ever since it is raining. This morning I had to go to our other building for a 401K meeting, and I chose not to use my umbrella on the way over or back. After that I had to go out again before lunch to let the delivery guys into my house, since we just received one of our rugs and the dining room table with the chairs. Before I came back to work I stopped at the court house to renew my concealed firearms permit that is up in February. Again still raining, I was told it was in the jail office across the way. I again didn’t have my umbrella. It was half way through my walk over there that I realized that I wasn’t walking as fast as I normally do, which is usually pretty fast. I definitely wasn’t walking/running like most people do when they are caught in the rain. I arrived back to work and of course I am still to the moment soaking wet, and I’m ok with that.

I also see that my internet connection is maybe not working well, so I will end this here. We have been having firewall issues here at work and it may be dying as I type.

I hope to see you all back again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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