What Do You Prefer In A Public Restroom?

Hey Everyone!

I have had some very weird random thoughts today. Don’t you dare judge me on this haha.

My first random though today was: “What makes a good public restroom?” See I told you it was weird. I then try to think about all of the restrooms that I have been in over the years. Some were great, and others not so much. Remember this is all from a male perspective, so urinals are involved. For me to begin to answer this question I had to think of what type of restroom user I am, privacy wise. I am a huge fan of being very private, others are very free and not worried about anything! I have been fighting the good fight on anxiety for years on my own, and have come to realized that in a public restroom it is better to have at least two stalls, to minimized the chance of interruptions and awkward human interaction when people try to barge on in. On the subject of stalls it is a must that the damn door latches work, no matter what kind they are. As a side note I prefer when the door swings out rather than in, since there never seems to be enough room and you always end up running up against every damn wall trying to get in there. This brings me to the point of cleanliness


**Sorry I had to go set up a projector for presentations tomorrow**


Back to cleanliness! I think we can all agree that this is a big factor in what makes a restroom good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable. Everything has to be clean. Some places that have the best restrooms will go a step further and play off of your other sense to give you more of the illusion of cleanliness. Places will make the restrooms smell inviting or sterile, I feel that either tactics do in fact work on the sense of smell. Lighting can also play a huge role in this as well. You won’t want to walk into a dimly lit restroom, so most places light them well. Another thing you see quite often is seat covers, soaps, and sanitizers, these also give you a good outlook. Back to the point on privacy, for me it is a big deal. When it comes to urinals, I honestly don’t use them if I don’t have to. It isn’t out of fear or creepers looking around, but rather being that close to some one. In ranking urinals, from most private to least I would say that you first have wall mounted urinals with a full body divider. Next I would say just the wall mounted urinal, because the side walls stick out further than the next one on the list. Bringing me to this next one are the ones that are wall mounted but are build into the wall and go to the floor, these ones offer next to nothing in the privacy department. Lastly I would say that the feeding trough is by far the worst that I have encountered. It is literally a trough barley off the ground and every one stands there and does their thing into the same trough. So you can now see why I personally chose to avoid them, because even the most private one is still a think divider and nothing more.

In an awkward conclusion I would say that my ideal public restroom would have to be clean, well lit, have more than one working stall, and have urinals with dividers. It wouldn’t hurt to play some music as well to break the often weird silence that restrooms seem to bring on.

Well, I had another topic that I wanted to discuss but I feel like I will rant about that at a later date. I can tell you that it is about me wanting to start writing comic strips or even a book at some point. Where and when will I ever be able to find the time? Not sure but maybe!

If you have made it this far I applaud you. I want to thank you for visiting my blog. Feel free to like, comment, and follow my blog. I will be back again tomorrow, c-ya then! 😀 😀


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