Will This Renovation Ever End?


Well I can start off by letting you know that of course the kitchen renovation continues….

He was on schedule this time, but man did he have some problems. We brought in the finished counter top and of course it was a little too big, why wouldn’t it be? With not a lot of choices he decided the best thing to do was to force it into place. Sure he got it in there, but in doing so he knocked large chunks of our existing drywall work out of the wall. He also managed to knock out the corner pieces on all four corners, DOH! The majority of the time he was there last night was spent repairing what he broke the moment he got there. He put me in charge of running the cable in the basement to the electric box, that went smoothly, probably because he didn’t touch it haha. He did successfully terminate it to the breaker and install the receptacle and switch upstairs. He took a look at the lights and told me what to do to install them on my own, so I have to find time to do that on top of finishing the joint compounding that is left as a result of putting the counter on roughly. Again we have a giant mess on the floor for a fourth time, which doesn’t make my wife very happy. This “one day” project has quickly turned into a month long project with four or five different visits from this contractor. But enough ranting, no one cares about that.

Today has been moving along at quite a fast pace even with the lack of sleep from the night before. I have been looking into online courses in IT security and still fiddling with my virtual machine. I still haven’t gotten it working, but I have crashed it successfully three times something has to be said for that. 🙂

With the holidays approaching quickly we have an abundance of food in the office to the point that I don’t have to eat breakfast or lunch. Tomorrow we have an ugly sweater contest and a lunch. It will be catered and delicious. We will be traveling on Saturday to go spend time with my wife’s family and we will be celebrating with my family on Christmas day.

On a completely different topic, as I often do, I was introduced to an android app called Cerberus. It is intended for anti-teft of your mobile phone, but can be mistreated if someone were to gain access to your phone. I installed the six day free trial on my phone and it is really cool, so long as you don’t wipe your phone clean by accident. you can download it from the Google Play Store and control your phone from the browser @ http://www.cerberusapp.com Check it out! You can take pictures, videos, record audio, lock and unlock your phone, send messages and track your phone. With the admin access you can wipe it clean so no one can use it if you have super sensitive information on it.


If you really like it you can buy a subscription for 5 Euros per year, which right now, is $5.22 in US dollars. That is really cheap for good phone protection.

That is all for today folks! I hope you have enjoyed your time here today. I’ll have one more post tomorrow before the holiday weekend, see you then! 😀 😀


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