First Day Of Winter

Hey There!

Last night my wife sprung the news that the contractor will be at our house this very night. This was to my surprise, because I thought that we were going to wait until we had the wall all painted before he would come back to finish everything. It can be done either way but I just assumed that it would be after. He should be coming about 4:30 pm and installing the counter top as well as installing the lights and switches. I will help him run the cable to the electrical panel, when the time comes. I just really hope he shows up on damn time,  unlike last time. The good news for my wife and I is that there shouldn’t be a dusty mess everywhere this time so that is a huge plus. 🙂

Today at work I have been busting my butt to get a virtual machine up and running. I am currently using VirtualBox by Oracle. I am installing a version of Kali Linux so that I can practice penetration testing in my own environment for practice. It is meant to test out security flaws in a network. There are plenty of real world hackers that use this operating system, because it come pre-installed with hacking utilities and it is open source. That means it is 100% free to download and install. I have successfully installed it now three times, but it crashes when I go to customize it. I need the custom options to interact with my host machine and transfer files. I get to a different point each time and it breaks when I go to restart it. It either won’t load, or it loads and shows no icons. So I took a break from that at lunch and to write this post. Once I get it the fun stuff can happen. I have essentially set up my own network just within my own PC with my own network. It is small but it is still a network. I will be able to secure it then break into it for the sake of practice. What I learn from this will help me defend against flaws in my own system here at work. Here is the brand image of Kali:


Here at work everyone is gearing up for the holidays. We have people bringing in a constant supply of sweets, which is about killing me. I have eaten so many doughnuts it isn’t even funny. The office is decorated and trees are up. We have a Christmas lunch on the 23rd, that will be delicious. I will have the 26th off from work since the holiday is on a Sunday. I also just found out that I will be covering at least the 28th for my co-worker. That means I’ll be to work early and may not be able to pump out a post. I’ll try.

I hope everyone is in the holiday spirit, and having a good week. Feel free to let me know what your plans are for the holidays. I would love to hear about any traditions you look forward to. I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll see you then! 😀 😀



2 thoughts on “First Day Of Winter”

  1. I am techno stupid. So I wish you well on your project, and maybe I can learn some techno stuff from you. I usually have to call one of my children to help solve even the easiest of tasks. Even social media stumps me sometimes. But I would love you to check out my blog. I am trying to spread the word about ALS and also include some of our lives in work and play. check out the day on the chopper and getting a delivery. And this reblog: also, it tells some of our story. Thank you ahead of time, and Merry Christmas

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