Can I Be More Tired (Short post)

Hey Everyone!

Last night and today have been pretty slow days. I jolted my memory a bit on networking and subnetting while here at work. I helped a couple guys with their printer as well. We will be getting them a new Ethernet enabled printer to better suit their needs.

I have let a few more people at work know that my wife is pregnant, they are thrilled. I have received a ton of hand shakes, and congratulations. It really keeps a person excited. I will be going to inform our nurse right after this, if no one has told her yet.

Christmas is coming soon! Here at work we have a lunch with all the employees. Our department is in charge of getting a huge fruit tray this year. It will cost about eight dollars per person. We also get free turkeys from our employer. They do this each year so that families don’t have to go get turkey for the next year. This year I will give mine to my wife’s grandparents so that they don’t have to buy one next year.

Damn I am tired.

Things at home are slowing down finally. We still have to paint the wall around the giant hole, and run the electric cable in the basement. Soon we will have it all done. I have to go get quarter round to put along the hardwood floors and the baseboards.

I have misspelled about every word in this post, so I think I’ll keep it short and end it here haha. I’ll leave you with a couple of Asian babies dressed as noodles.


I’ll be back tomorrow, c-ya all here again then! 😀 😀


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