Big News!!!

Hey Everyone!

Over the weekend a few things went on worth mentioning. I filled out my picks for the college football bowl games, went to a play, and sanded a wall. On top of all of that I can finally announce that my wife is 16 weeks pregnant!!!

I know you probably don’t want to hear about any of the things I said besides the pregnancy thing so if that is what interests you skip the next three paragraphs. 😀

The bowl games are something that my family does each year. we figure out the odds and pick who we think is going to win each game. We spend time with each other watching the games and conversing, it is a nice way to get together. The games that you think are going to be the biggest blowouts you pick for the most amount of points. It is all based on how many games there are. This year I think there are 40 or 41. The person with the most points at the end wins. You also make your pick for who the national champions will be. That is held on the 9th I think.

The Christmas play that we went to was great! It was a local production with singers, dancers, and of course actors. The setting was my home town and it revolved around our traditional Christmas walk. The story was that Santa was on his way to NYC and had to stop on the way because a boy in my town lost the Christmas Magic. His mom was deployed over seas and there was no snow. He just wasn’t felling it. Santa and his wife deliver a book to his house and him and his sister go into the book, transporting them to the North Pole. They go through the whole thing explaining to him the four F’s of the season. Those being Fun, Food, Friends, and Family. In the end the boy believes again and his mom comes home from deployment just in time for  Christmas. Oh ya, it snows too 😉 My co-workers daughters were dancers in the production and it was very well put together.

As for the hole in our wall it is now sanded and ready for paint. I can’t wait until this project is complete. We will be able to put our house together once all the dust and mess is gone. It can’t come soon enough. We have a light gray color for the walls in the kitchen and nothing for the dining room yet but we will. We bought stainless steel rope lights that will hang a few inches and 60W traditional filament bulbs for the lighting elements. I still have to run the cable to the electric box for the contractor to hook up.

Yes, my wife has been pregnant for some time now and I’ve been dying to tell people. We wanted to wait until we knew, for the most part, that it was healthy. We have a big appointment coming up on the 30th. We will find out the gender and get a really good look, maybe even a 3D image. She is now showing a little bit and wants to take a lot of pictures. She is overall remaining healthy and not super sick. There are days where she doesn’t feel the greatest, but for the most part she is doing well. I bought her a big body pillow a while back to support her when she gets a bigger belly. It barley fits in our bed but she uses it every night. Up until now not a lot of people knew about it. We told our families around 12 weeks and have waited four or so more to tell everyone else. I have only told you guys and my co-worker. We definitely want to know the sex so that we can fix the baby room up accordingly. The element of surprise isn’t something we want right now, even though it is neat, because we are trying to get the whole house organized. The more we know the better.  Of course she is rooting for a little girly princess and I would like a boy. No matter what we will be more than happy, I honestly wouldn’t mind one of each, to get the best of both worlds. I am excited to be able to finally let you all know. I will keep you all posted with further developments. If I can snag a picture or two at some point I surely will.

That is all for me today! I hope you have a great start to your week. Feel free to leave a comment or a like, they are greatly appreciated. Have a good one, I’ll see you all  tomorrow! 😀 😀


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