New Game

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a good day. Last night I was able to add a coat of joint compound to our, in progress, breakfast nook. It is looking really good, even though I still need to add another coat. My wife heard from the contractor and he is looking for another measurement for the counter top. I’ll get that to him when I remember to take the measurement haha. My wife and I still need to decided on a paint color for that wall and what light fixtures will be going up.

Today has been pretty slow here at work. We have had some terrible weather here as well. The local schools were closed down today. We are and were getting up to a foot of snow in some areas. All I know is that it is a literal pain in the back to get that snow off of my driveway. I have been doing a good job so far, but this morning I swear my fingers were ready to fall off. It was reported to be in the single digits this morning where I live. Burr, I get cold just thinking about it.

I just bought a copy of the new “Bully: Scholarship Edition” on Steam. I did this because when I was a senior in high school a friend of mine and I stayed home for about a week straight and played the original game until we beat it. It is a good memory and I just knew I needed to get a copy to re-play it. It is set in a European primary school, and you are a kid going around breaking the norm. It doesn’t seem to be anything special but I would love to revisit it, so I got it. Since I’m talking about games today a bit I’ll let you know I have been put with a bunch of terrible Rocket League players lately. I lost my good rank and have to fight my way back. I dropped three ranks due to poor play on my teammates behalf. This isn’t to say that I was always playing at my best, just that the goals that were given up were on another player more so than myself. I did however lead my team to victory in a few Rainbow 6 Siege games last night, that was fun.

Tonight I’ll be adding another coat of joint compound and then how knows what. I can’t wait for the weekend so I can relax a bit and stay home. I also need to find a place close by that sells firewood. I would like to buy a full cord of wood at a reasonable price to have fires randomly throughout the winter months.

That is all for today. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and keep warm and safe if you have crappy weather like I do. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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