Mid Week Update

Hey Everyone!

We are settling quite nicely into our new home. Last night I got the pellet stove running, and man does that put out some good heat. I would like to get our chimney looked at in the near future so that we can have fires soon. The good thing is that that gas is cheap right now so heating my house this winter won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Like the last part of my post yesterday stated, we have internet now. This is huge for me. And its awesome Check out my latest instagram picture to see my speeds: https://www.instagram.com/nrgmandrake/  This is the first time I have had access to good speeds. My main issues now is that I have to find a ‘good’ way to run an ethernet cable from my router, on floor 1, through the basement and up to floor 2. This may be easy enough but it is only temporary as our office is currently in one of our three bedrooms. I will relocate everything to our finished attic when the time comes, and will need to permanently run it to floor 3. In the end it will be fine, but for now it is a bit overwhelming.

Today was supposed to be another small milestone, yet that turned sour quickly. Our new microwave from before was dented and today we got the new one. It was to be installed and ready to go. Well its at home now but they wouldn’t install it because the back splash was one inch to high…..This whole thing is super annoying. I just want a functioning microwave! :/ This means that I will have to wait until work tomorrow, because I have a masonic meeting tonight.

That being said we have installation of officers tonight, because this is the last meeting of the year. I will not be taking any positions this coming year because I will be very busy. We also had a huge increase in members and we want to get them started in any chair we can, to keep them interested. I will be shadowing my dad who is taking over the secretary position. In 2018 if all goes well I will be the assistant secretary, and in 2019 I will hopefully be the active secretary and be able to maintain that position for years.  For those of you that don’t know, the secretaries of most any organization run the damn show. everyone else is more of  figure head. As secretary you have hands in everything and make big calls. They are very respected members of any organization. I was also the secretary of my college fraternity, and I am currently the secretary of the alumni chapter as well, although I will be stepping down this year I think.

Changing gears I have watched both seasons of Black Mirror on Netflix and I loved it. If you are into sci-fi and mystery you may love it too. I have also started watching Stranger Things, and it has also held my interest. I’ll let you know more about what I think as I get farther in.

That is all for today I hope you have a great hump day, and I’ll see you all here again tomorrow! : D: D


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