Move In Day

Hey Everyone!

A lot has happened this past weekend. I haven’t been documenting any of it in picture format because it honestly slips my mind. As much as I use social media I still never find myself thinking “Man! I better take a picture of this for later.” So with that being said I don’t have photos haha.

Saturday we officially moved into our house. The beds, clothes, animals, PCs, TVs, and ourselves all came over. It was a big day and a busy day for sure. My wife and I started early in the morning, packing up what we could in our vehicles and bringing them to the house. Later that day, her mother and grandmother came from out of town to help organize some things and put stuff away. My brother and dad went hunting in the morning and then came to help as well. They brought over the bed, dressers, and a reclining chair.

Most of the next day was much of the same, except for her dad and his girlfriend came to see us. Of course they brought my baby brother in-law, as well. We visit with them for a few hours and then they had to head home. They loved the house and want to come back when they can. We organized everything we could that day.

Monday morning I woke up and went hunting. I was in my deer stand at 6:20 am waiting and waiting. Sadly I didn’t see anything legal to shoot. I did however enjoy the company of a few gray and red squirrels. They seemed to keep my mind focused and passed the time nicely. Even though the goal of the day wasn’t met, it is always nice to spend a day outdoors disconnected from everything. It was a little cold and a little breezy but that was to be expected. Oooo I do have a picture of my view from the stand. Here you go:





I have lost all train of thought, and I’m a couple hours late now. That being said I now have my TiVo box and internet at the house lol. That is the most up to date thing I can tell you, so that is where I’ll end this.

Thanks for the read, I hope you all come back tomorrow! C-Ya 😀 😀



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