Friday Has Come Again!

Hey Everyone!

Last night was seemingly very successful. I was able to make two more trips to Lowes and get my stove hooked up. I was able to connect the water line to the back of my refrigerator, as well as sand and paint over the hole I patched in the wall. I will be going back over after work today just to check on everything. With the remaining money from returning the fencing I will start to buy the trim for the floors in the bed rooms. I think that white quarter round would work well. It would be easy with a nail gun, but I don’t have one 😦 I’ll have to think on that one.

We have continued to run in to issues with the thought of knocking a hole in the kitchen wall for a breakfast nook. The contractor is willing to help us as a friend of my wife’s mother. This sounds great, and will also keep the cost down. The problem is that he isn’t willing to give us any kind of contract for the work, and I’m afraid that if something went wrong that our insurance on the house wouldn’t cover it and it would fall on the contractor. This would be fine but without a contract or something with his name on it, I’m not sure anything could be done to hold him liable even if he is licensed and insured himself. What is to stop him from leaving or cutting all ties with us once it is done? What is to stop him from saying no he didn’t do it? From what I also thought is that he offed to give us a receipt, but that would only be for the parts that we bought since he isn’t charging us with labor costs. So that wouldn’t say anything other than we bought “supplies” from him.

I am hoping that we can have this blow over for now and take a step back. We don’t know this guy and we don’t know his work. It is all sketchy to me. My thought to fix this mess is that come April when we get a tax return, as well as a bonus from my work, we can hire a local contracting firm and have them come do it by the books. I know it will cost more money but it will give us all better peace of mind. At that point we will have had about 4 months of bills under our belt and will be able to better understand what we can afford. This will be what I pitch to my wife. She tells me she hates the kitchen as it is and really wants this so I would like to do anything I can to allow her to get it, other than sketchy means. It would open the whole thing up but really we would only gain some counter space and a place to sit.

Other than that whole mess, I will be hunting this weekend, wish me luck. My family hunts by the law and we use everything we can from an animal. We do not kill for sport, we eat what we kill. If it is too much we give it away to others. With that I hope to get a nice buck or a mature doe. the season here lasts one more week, so I’ll make it out a few days if I’m lucky. It will be the first full time spent hunting on my dad’s land. This year if we get anything I think we will try butchering it ourselves. It isn’t hard but it does require some skill and patience. I’ll let you know how I do. Next weekend I’m going to a hockey game which I am also excited for.

Thanks for tuning in! I’ll see you all back here on Tuesday, since I have Monday off for hunting. Bye All, and have a great weekend! 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “Friday Has Come Again!”

  1. Do a background check on this friend of your mother’s. That may help you make a decision.You may be surprised what you can learn about someone just by typing their name in to the internet. You can also ask him for references (other than your Mom). Like you, I would be a bit leary. However, if he checks out, you could talk to your insurance company to see what they would require in case of a problem–then let him know. If he’s unwilling to comply, you will have your answer. If he is willing to comply you will know you’ve made a great decision. If you have to wait until April…well it’s not too far away. As for the nail gun, can you borrow or rent one?

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    1. Hey sorry it has taken me a bit to respond. We get our Internet in the house today yay! We talked to him a bit more and he is going to put a workmanship guarantee on the invoice, which would hold him liable. We did end up calling our insurance agent as well and he said that if anything was messed up from his work it would have to fall on him. Thanks for the comment, and the advice!

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