Bit of a SNAFU!

Hey Everyone!

Most things yesterday went as planned, and overall I am generally happy about it. My brother was there when the appliance delivery came and they got everything in the house just fine. The stove and the refrigerator are great. I still need to find out how to hook up the water line to the fridge. As for the stove I bought the gas line (that I was told would come with it) at Lowes only to find out it doesn’t fit the part coming out of the wall. This means that today after work I need to go back up with the line and that piece and find one that fits both and then I’ll be in business. As for the microwave it really couldn’t have gone worse. they got everything out and were going to install it. They unwrapped the appliance and it had a huge dent in the front corner. This seems to be my luck recently. Needless to say, but they took it back and gave me some secondary receipt. I got a call today saying that they will bring the other one on the 7th. (One day after my internet service) I am not sure how much time I can take off from work but I’ll have to think of something. Worse comes to worse I can take back my vacation day that I had planned to hunt with on this coming Monday, but I’d rather not.

The fencing came along nicely. I think it was a bit longer than my brother thought because he had to go into work that night. Once I got to the house we put up the last remaining side. We found out how much of the lumber I still needed and then took the rest back to Lowes. I was able to get $170 back from what we didn’t use, With that I bought us both some lunch and we headed back to the house. We measured and assembled the gate in my garage. From there we brought it out and installed the hinges. Next we had to install the handle which is a bit tricky. There had to be a fairly good sized hole drilled through the gate in just the right spot for the mechanism to fit properly. Each piece had to be lined up perfectly for this to all work. On top of that knowing the wood is still a bit green it will swell and shrink over the next few months and through this summer. But, when it was all said and done I was able to go get my dog and show her around the yard for the first time. The only thing left to do for the fence is to cut all the tops even.

From yesterdays shortfalls, I will have to go to Lowes again tonight and get a piece to fit the gas line. Once home I’ll install the stove and get it all set up. I will also finish sanding the spackle over the hole in the bedroom and also get it painted. I will keep you all updated on progress as it happens. Thank you for reading again today, I appreciate it!

I’ll see you all back here again tomorrow! : D 😀


4 thoughts on “Bit of a SNAFU!”

    1. We have done a bunch stuff in a fairly short time that’s for sure. haha. One week won’t be too bad, it would have just been nice to have something goes as planned. As far as the dog goes, she loved it. She was running all over the place and loved coming inside. Thanks for the comment. 😀

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