Summary Of The Next Week …or so

Hey Everyone, Thanks For Coming Back!

Yesterday I did a run down of sorts on what went on during the holiday weekend. Today I would like to look ahead and let you all know what will be going on the next 10 or 11 days. there are some pretty big things and a lot of moves, in more than one way.

Today is my last day of sanity before this mess all starts. I may be able to muster up the energy to go paint a few walls at my new house, but I’m not sure yet. Tomorrow is a big day to kick everything off. I won’t be putting out a post, for the reason of, ‘I won’t be here at work to do so’. I will be taking my last half day of vacation to finish the fence that we started this last weekend. On top of that I have Home Depot delivering 3 brand new stainless steel appliances. The bad part about that is that they have a four hour window, so I have to be available whenever. Once this gate is done on the fence I will be able to bring my dog over, which is a huge part of the moving process. Without her we won’t officially move. So I’ll be checking that off my list tomorrow, as well as the kitchen being mostly ready to go. To finish off the week I will finish painting with my wife and get the upstairs trimmed, after work of course.

Saturday and Monday (Also won’t be here to post) I will be hunting the elusive White Tailed Deer, native to this region. Opening day was yesterday but it was buck only. To optimize my chances I had this second Monday called off in advance. Saturday is the opening of both buck and doe. Both days will be an all day affair, unless I get one Saturday then I may not go out again. This year we are going to butcher our own since our old butcher is in poor health. It would be nice to get a buck, because I haven’t yet.

The Tuesday after (The 6th), I will be here at work but for how long and when I won’t be sure. That is the day that we are having our internet and TV service installed. They supposedly will be calling me 30 minutes before they arrive. In that time I must leave work and go be there for up to three hours. I don’t know it it will be around this time or not, so I may get a post in and I may not. I hope to though, maybe I’ll sneak one in if I have the time. Again the rest of the week will be dedicated to working then moving stuff.

Saturday the 10th we are getting a tiny break and going with my brother and his fiance to a local hockey game. I haven’t been to one in years. We are excited to go, but have to miss my companies’ holiday party. :/ This brings me to Sunday the 11th. Gah, I am not really looking forward to this day. This will also be the end of this stressful busy streak. My wife really wants our kitchen wall to be busted out and turned into a breakfast nook. This will open the galley style kitchen up a bit and give us more counter space. I like the idea, but after finding out that it was the original exterior wall of the house I am a little hesitant. Her mom knows a contractor that will come and cut it out and knock out the bricks of the wall, with my help. He will install a steel “I” beam to support the weight of the house, as well as do the drywall, and install a counter top for us. He said we can have it all done that day as long as I can stay and help. I am worried about the stability of our house, and I’m not sure what would happen if something goes wrong. Since he is doing this as a favor and not as a service there will be no real paper trail , so if something does go wrong I’m not sure about the legalities to hold him responsible for shotty wok, if that is the case. Just thinking about the whole thing kinda makes me sick, I’m just hoping that its all done correctly and goes off without a hitch. I don’t want to have my house fall down and then have no way of holding this guy responsible.

So that is my immediate future! haha I hope you have a less stressful week or two planned. I hope you have enjoyed my post as always, and I’ll see you again Thursday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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