And We Are Back!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend, if you celebrate Thanksgiving. If you don’t, I still hope you had a great regular weekend!

Lets see, my last post was Wednesday. That seems like a very long time. I had a ton of things going on this weekend and that will continue through the next couple weeks. First things first, We went to my wife’s grandparent’s house Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving. Her uncles came in from out of town and we had a very nice time there.

Friday we made our way home. My dad and brother came over to our new house and we started digging post holes for the fence we needed to put up around the yard for my dog. The weather was not in our favor this whole weekend. It was mid 30s and raining at some points in time. In total we got all 22 holes dug that day. My wife was inside the house painting a few of the bedrooms.

Saturday and Sunday were the big work days. Again, my dad and brother helped me with the fence. We were able to get everything completely done except for the gate. My brother and I will be building that this Wednesday. (Side note I won’t be here that day to post) So the whole yard at this point in time is finished. There is only one spot where the fence goes that isn’t done. Meanwhile my mother and my brother’s fiance came over to help with the painting of the bedrooms. This made that whole process much faster. We went with four different shades of gray.

As of right now we still have to paint the hallway and put trim around all the floors in the bedrooms. After that, that area will be finished and ready to be furnished. Wednesday my brother and I will help the Home Depot delivery men move and install kitchen appliances, as well as build the fence, like I stated earlier. That will be a big day, with lots of moving and lifting. My wife would like to move us in this weekend but I can’t see that happening yet, since our internet won’t be connected until the 6th and we have one more huge project going on.  On the 11th, a Sunday, we are having a contractor come in, who is a friend of my wife’s mother, and knock out a 6 foot section of our kitchen wall. This will ten get a counter top and become a breakfast nook. It will be busy, dusty, dirty, and hectic. I’m a little unsure about it because it is the old exterior wall and its sheet rock in front of a brick wall. We are having an “I” beam installed to hold the weight of the rest of the house, and that part scares me. Once this is all done I will be more than willing to get moved in haha.

I also have to send in this application for a homestead exemption for a $250 tax deduction. It just lets the city know that we will only be using our house as a residence and nothing more. But to shorten this whole post, we have to paint a bit, fence a bit, move some stuff, and make a big hole. I hope everything goes according to plan, and I will have my fingers crossed that whole time. Again I won’t be able to post this Wednesday, and maybe not next Tuesday but that I won’t know until that day.

I hope you have enjoyed me spilling my worries and guts out in this post. It really helps to vent a bit, as well as lay everything out in different mediums. (in my head, online, on paper, etc..) I hope you made the best of your weekend, I know I did. I hope to see you back here tomorrow! 😀 😀


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