Server Day

Welcome Back!

To day my co-worker and I met up with a couple server guys from out of the area today. We had our server shipped out to them for setup and today was the day they brought it down to us. We got the ball rolling on migration and were able to take a look at the virtualization platform iLO. It is an amazing tool that they highly praised. We haven’t had more than just a look at it but it is impressive. I think our end goal would to to have two hosts and visualize every other server. We would incorporate a SAN as well for storage.

*Had to do some running around, and I have lost my train of thought*

Hmmm…. I have a hugely busy day tomorrow so I may not post. I have to come in early to cover for a lady, and leave early for the same reason, but I have a few PCs to replace as well. Later I have to run to the bank and get a certified check for closing on the house, and then run over and take my brother’s family photos. Following this I have to go to a viewing for a friends father who passed away yesterday, and then to the Fantastic Beasts movie with my wife. That is a jam packed day. I know this is a short one but everything has been hectic and I’d rather not ramble for the sake of rambling haha.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!!! 😀 😀


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