Slight Jumble

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night to you all!

Yesterday was very hectic with all the phone calls I had to make. It makes me nervous to transfer everything into my name for the first time. This home buying stuff is pretty intimidating. I’ll admit the people and agencies you deal with can really help you relax once you know they have done this a million times. I am usually scared of the unknown to a certain extent and this is a huge unknown. I think in the end everything will work out just fine. I trust that all of the work I have put in will pay off and everything will be in order. That is about as optimistic as one could be. Again we are closing on the 21st, less than a week from now. I still have a few things I need to inquire about but other than that it will be ‘smooth’ sailing.

Today at work, has been like most other days. I have two PCs to finish up and disperse this week, like normal. We have some exciting work ahead of us. Tomorrow is the big day, we get a brand new server. This will our first time working with virtual servers so it should be confusing and interesting. Today we did pull out an old server to make room in our existing rack. Also to make room for the guy coming to help with the installation we cleared out 10 + PCs for recycling. The only other real thing I want to get done today at work is to call the bank about home stuff. So, overall pretty chill.

My wife will be home a bit later than normal so I’ll pop in a pizza to move dinner along. I’ll get home and do the usual, feed the dog, cat, and humans lol. With any luck I’ll get a few rainbow 6 games in as well. Tonight the Flash is on the CW so we will be tuning into that at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time. Again pretty normal overall. We are mainly worried and anxious to get moving and hope that everything falls into place. Our biggest concern is getting a new refrigerator and putting up a fence asap for our dog.

Scattered move here, but I have been making pretty good headway on my Sojourner badge in Ingress. It is one of the hardest to get. You have to hack any one portal in consecutive 24 hour time periods. I am up to about 127 ish days. The next check point is 180 for Platinum, followed by 360 for Onyx. It is hardest to remember on the weekends when you just want to sleep in or go on a day trip. You really have to keep up on it and remember to hack with in the 24 hour time frame. I try to hack in the morning and evening just to get a good all around hack session going. That will allow me to hack anytime during the day on weekends and be just fine.

That’s all I’ll bore you with today! Have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you back here again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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