Monday Fun Day

Hey There!

This weekend we were able to visit our little nephew. He is super tiny only weighing 4lbs 13oz. It was nice to go back and see everyone. We ate at a Mad Mex restaurant in the mall while we were there. It was really quite good. I hadn’t been there yet because I heard that some of the food wasn’t that great. We had a very nice meal there. The atmosphere was calm and the lighting was dim. The music was well pretty bad, as it didn’t fit the space. The food was delicious and very fresh. The only real thing, other than the music, was that the wait staff was a bit slow. We didn’t look at it as such a negative only because it gives us more time to relax and spend some time with one another. We later went to the mall and hit a few shops.

Sunday night we of course watched the Steelers play the Cowboys in a knock out of a game. My Boys came away with the victory but it wasn’t easy. There were 7 different lead changes in the game and it all came down to the last 30 or so odd seconds. The Steelers took the lead and left us with about 40 seconds. With a couple of decent passes we were in field goal range, with a chance to win. Surprisingly the defense got sloppy and awarded us with a 15 yard penalty for a face mask. This put us in a much better range. We still had one play left with a time out to stop the clock. Clearly you would run so you don’t throw an unwanted interception. Zeke got the ball and ran it straight up the gut for 6 points. That was that. It was well fought and a tough game but really fun to watch regardless. The Steelers at this point aren’t in contention for anything in the post season. The Cowboys are on pace to win the Super Bowl. The last time they won 8 games in a row was in 1977 and they won the whole thing that year, so hopes are high.

Today has been a bit stressful. One week from today we close on our house!!!! I have been working on calling all the utility places and getting accounts set up and trying to figure out how to use their online services. It isn’t that it is hard, rather it is just annoying and new. I get to feeling a bit overwhelmed since I have never done anything like this before. I don’t know how much each bill is going to be and I mainly don’t want to mess anything up. I really don’t want to get in over my head and ruin things. I get into my own head and constantly think the worst of situations that I don’t yet know the outcome of. Its not a good way to be but I fight though and usually everything ends up ok in the end. I welcome this hype to die down haha.

I hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll see you again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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