Pay Day, Labor, & Lock Picking?

Hey Everyone!

Last night was pretty uneventful. I got home and relaxed a bit from the weekend and Halloween. We passed out candy on Monday and my brother brought over his new dog and baby.

Today was pay day for me which is always a relief. I was able to pay off the full balance of my credit card, put money away for my student loans, put money away for the closing costs of the house we are buying and have enough left over for gas in my car lol. All in all that is a good day! I set up a laptop for our nurse today as well. She was using a Dell Venue 8 Pro to run the access database I built her, but it is just not enough to run it. She would struggle with the small screen and lose wi-fi connection often. The new laptop is the better way to go. This being said I now have a perfectly boring tablet at my disposal. If any of you could think of a practical use for it I would look into it. It also has the equivalent of an Otter Box as a case. We were thinking that we could test out something for the HR department to share announcements. This would only be temporary, but at least we could work something out.

Today we found out that my sister in-law went into labor. As I am typing this she has been in labor for 6+ hours. They are having a boy named Carter. My wife and I are already trying to find some free time to go see them. We are pretty packed up again this weekend but we may run out Friday and see them then if we can swing it.

I had some random cash back on my Discover card the other day, and decided to get myself something. I only had about $15 but it was enough for what I wanted. I have been watching a YouTube channel called “Art of Manliness”, which can be found here: . They have all sorts of good videos for everyone not just ‘men’. But one that I have always found interesting was about lock picking. I then broke down and bought a hidden credit card lock pick set from amazon. the link to the one I bought is right here: . It fits in your wallet and doubles as a set of picks. I think it is interesting so I go it. I’ll let you know how terrible I am at it later.

That’s all I have for you all today. It was pretty scattered today, fitting for my page title haha. I hope you enjoy the post and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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