Busy Day

Hey Everyone!

This is a late post, and will be a short post. Today you would think would be a better post since it is my first real day of work since I have been covering for my co-worker. Wellllll, I have been on the phone with banks and insurance people most of the day. I am working hard to spend all my money and buy a house lol. It looks like most things are squared away. We have insurance as of today , which is exciting. We are waiting now on a replay from the owners on a faulty wire, and the attorney to get ready. Everything on our end is done and ready to go.

I have also been busy at work just putting out small fires. I got to work a bit early and was bombarded by requests from employees. I made it through and everything is great. It made the day  go by so fast that I almost forgot to get out a decent post for you guys. I am typing this so fast I’m messing up every dang word and having to go back and correct them haha.

That is all for today I hope you stop by again tomorrow and say hello! In the near future I will have a nice announcement for you. Until tomorrow, have a great Tuesday! 😀 😀


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