Summary Of The Next Week …or so

Hey Everyone, Thanks For Coming Back!

Yesterday I did a run down of sorts on what went on during the holiday weekend. Today I would like to look ahead and let you all know what will be going on the next 10 or 11 days. there are some pretty big things and a lot of moves, in more than one way.

Today is my last day of sanity before this mess all starts. I may be able to muster up the energy to go paint a few walls at my new house, but I’m not sure yet. Tomorrow is a big day to kick everything off. I won’t be putting out a post, for the reason of, ‘I won’t be here at work to do so’. I will be taking my last half day of vacation to finish the fence that we started this last weekend. On top of that I have Home Depot delivering 3 brand new stainless steel appliances. The bad part about that is that they have a four hour window, so I have to be available whenever. Once this gate is done on the fence I will be able to bring my dog over, which is a huge part of the moving process. Without her we won’t officially move. So I’ll be checking that off my list tomorrow, as well as the kitchen being mostly ready to go. To finish off the week I will finish painting with my wife and get the upstairs trimmed, after work of course.

Saturday and Monday (Also won’t be here to post) I will be hunting the elusive White Tailed Deer, native to this region. Opening day was yesterday but it was buck only. To optimize my chances I had this second Monday called off in advance. Saturday is the opening of both buck and doe. Both days will be an all day affair, unless I get one Saturday then I may not go out again. This year we are going to butcher our own since our old butcher is in poor health. It would be nice to get a buck, because I haven’t yet.

The Tuesday after (The 6th), I will be here at work but for how long and when I won’t be sure. That is the day that we are having our internet and TV service installed. They supposedly will be calling me 30 minutes before they arrive. In that time I must leave work and go be there for up to three hours. I don’t know it it will be around this time or not, so I may get a post in and I may not. I hope to though, maybe I’ll sneak one in if I have the time. Again the rest of the week will be dedicated to working then moving stuff.

Saturday the 10th we are getting a tiny break and going with my brother and his fiance to a local hockey game. I haven’t been to one in years. We are excited to go, but have to miss my companies’ holiday party. :/ This brings me to Sunday the 11th. Gah, I am not really looking forward to this day. This will also be the end of this stressful busy streak. My wife really wants our kitchen wall to be busted out and turned into a breakfast nook. This will open the galley style kitchen up a bit and give us more counter space. I like the idea, but after finding out that it was the original exterior wall of the house I am a little hesitant. Her mom knows a contractor that will come and cut it out and knock out the bricks of the wall, with my help. He will install a steel “I” beam to support the weight of the house, as well as do the drywall, and install a counter top for us. He said we can have it all done that day as long as I can stay and help. I am worried about the stability of our house, and I’m not sure what would happen if something goes wrong. Since he is doing this as a favor and not as a service there will be no real paper trail , so if something does go wrong I’m not sure about the legalities to hold him responsible for shotty wok, if that is the case. Just thinking about the whole thing kinda makes me sick, I’m just hoping that its all done correctly and goes off without a hitch. I don’t want to have my house fall down and then have no way of holding this guy responsible.

So that is my immediate future! haha I hope you have a less stressful week or two planned. I hope you have enjoyed my post as always, and I’ll see you again Thursday! 😀 😀


And We Are Back!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend, if you celebrate Thanksgiving. If you don’t, I still hope you had a great regular weekend!

Lets see, my last post was Wednesday. That seems like a very long time. I had a ton of things going on this weekend and that will continue through the next couple weeks. First things first, We went to my wife’s grandparent’s house Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving. Her uncles came in from out of town and we had a very nice time there.

Friday we made our way home. My dad and brother came over to our new house and we started digging post holes for the fence we needed to put up around the yard for my dog. The weather was not in our favor this whole weekend. It was mid 30s and raining at some points in time. In total we got all 22 holes dug that day. My wife was inside the house painting a few of the bedrooms.

Saturday and Sunday were the big work days. Again, my dad and brother helped me with the fence. We were able to get everything completely done except for the gate. My brother and I will be building that this Wednesday. (Side note I won’t be here that day to post) So the whole yard at this point in time is finished. There is only one spot where the fence goes that isn’t done. Meanwhile my mother and my brother’s fiance came over to help with the painting of the bedrooms. This made that whole process much faster. We went with four different shades of gray.

As of right now we still have to paint the hallway and put trim around all the floors in the bedrooms. After that, that area will be finished and ready to be furnished. Wednesday my brother and I will help the Home Depot delivery men move and install kitchen appliances, as well as build the fence, like I stated earlier. That will be a big day, with lots of moving and lifting. My wife would like to move us in this weekend but I can’t see that happening yet, since our internet won’t be connected until the 6th and we have one more huge project going on.  On the 11th, a Sunday, we are having a contractor come in, who is a friend of my wife’s mother, and knock out a 6 foot section of our kitchen wall. This will ten get a counter top and become a breakfast nook. It will be busy, dusty, dirty, and hectic. I’m a little unsure about it because it is the old exterior wall and its sheet rock in front of a brick wall. We are having an “I” beam installed to hold the weight of the rest of the house, and that part scares me. Once this is all done I will be more than willing to get moved in haha.

I also have to send in this application for a homestead exemption for a $250 tax deduction. It just lets the city know that we will only be using our house as a residence and nothing more. But to shorten this whole post, we have to paint a bit, fence a bit, move some stuff, and make a big hole. I hope everything goes according to plan, and I will have my fingers crossed that whole time. Again I won’t be able to post this Wednesday, and maybe not next Tuesday but that I won’t know until that day.

I hope you have enjoyed me spilling my worries and guts out in this post. It really helps to vent a bit, as well as lay everything out in different mediums. (in my head, online, on paper, etc..) I hope you made the best of your weekend, I know I did. I hope to see you back here tomorrow! 😀 😀

Quick Wednesday Post

Hey Everyone!

This isn’t really a post but rather a well wishing. I for those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to wish you all safe travels for you and your families. I know I will have a few places to be over the next four days, so I’m sure you know of people traveling as well. Stay safe and have a great time. I’ll see you all here again on Monday! Here is a picture of a turkey:



Keeping Active

Hey All!

Last night I brought my parents over to see our new house. I think they really like it. I talked to them about some of the things I would like to get done and they seem to be on board with helping out where and when they can. My brother got a hold of me today and said that he was free all day and that if we needed anything moved in during the day that he could do it. I let him know that he could move somethings into the garage if he was inclined to do so.

We got an estimate for a fence to be installed and it is much higher than I thought it would be and I’m not sure why. It is a small yard, and we wanted the remaining 3 sides done and a couple gates and they want $3500.00. There is no way in hell I’m paying to have that done. The supplies alone should only cost $500. That is called trying to take advantage of someone and I’m not a fan. We are now stuck with the option to wait and find a temporary fix, bite the bullet and do it (which I won’t), or buy the parts and do it ourselves. The only problem with doing it ourselves is that the weather up north here is getting worse by the day. We currently have snow on the ground and pretty cold days. We are working in a time frame, because the ground isn’t frozen yet so we could get this done if we hurry up. I don’t know, I’m very lost at this point on what I should do.

If we can make a decision by tonight, and find out that we aren’t spending a butt load of money then I want to go out to Lowes and buy other supplies. I have a couple spots of drywall to touch up and we need things for this winter like shovels, salt, and a nice garbage can. I also need a few GFCI outlets for a few non grounded outlets in the house. I may also need a few light bulbs. My wife will later want some paint. She wants to have the kitchen, 3 bed rooms, and the hallway painted before we move in fully. That makes sense to me.

I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on the progress. Until tomorrow! 😀 😀

We Bought A House!

Hey Everyone!

Like I said, I wasn’t able to post on Friday 😦 It just wasn’t in the cards for what I had to do. My wife and I did go see ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ on Friday. It is still super new so I won’t ruin anything, but it was good. It is a little too slow paced for my liking but the story is good and the animation is unreal. Check it out!

Well, like the title says, we bought a house. If you have been a follower of mine for any decent amount of time you know we had been looking for over two years, that we were living with my parents, and that we found what we wanted. Today was the day that the check was handed over, the T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted. I have a pocket full of keys as we speak. The house is ours. It is a 1940’s Colonial, 3 bed, 2 bath. It needs very little and will be a perfect fit for us. All of the utilities are transferred as of today as well. We have to find a good time to get moving. We also have a guy sending us an estimate about installing a fence for our dog too. There is still so much chaos but at least we own that chaos now haha. It is a short week here at work, with Thanksgiving going on and all, so we won’t have much time to do anything this week. I know tonight we are going to buy a refrigerator from Home Depot. We are also going to take our traditional ‘home owners’ picture with the sign out front. Hopefully it won’t be too dark by then. My parents have yet to see the inside of the house so they will come over tonight as well. We have kept them out of the loop so that things didn’t get any more complicated than they had to.

This work day has flown by since I came in a few hours late. I’m all jumbled up. I have called around and changed my address with a few people but there will be no way to get them all. Our server is being migrated as we speak here at work. That should be fully functional in a matter of a couple days.

That is really all I have for you today, I hope you have a great week, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Server Day

Welcome Back!

To day my co-worker and I met up with a couple server guys from out of the area today. We had our server shipped out to them for setup and today was the day they brought it down to us. We got the ball rolling on migration and were able to take a look at the virtualization platform iLO. It is an amazing tool that they highly praised. We haven’t had more than just a look at it but it is impressive. I think our end goal would to to have two hosts and visualize every other server. We would incorporate a SAN as well for storage.

*Had to do some running around, and I have lost my train of thought*

Hmmm…. I have a hugely busy day tomorrow so I may not post. I have to come in early to cover for a lady, and leave early for the same reason, but I have a few PCs to replace as well. Later I have to run to the bank and get a certified check for closing on the house, and then run over and take my brother’s family photos. Following this I have to go to a viewing for a friends father who passed away yesterday, and then to the Fantastic Beasts movie with my wife. That is a jam packed day. I know this is a short one but everything has been hectic and I’d rather not ramble for the sake of rambling haha.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!!! 😀 😀

The Wednesday Show

Hey There!

I got to work 45 minutes early today. We shift change after daylight savings and I’m not used to it yet. We don’t have to be to work until 8 am and I get here super early everyday. Today I was greeted by our receptionist with a “Why isn’t my comp…Oh sorry good morning!” It made me laugh a bit, she is about 1000 years old and really nice. Her PC wouldn’t startup for her and really with no reason. I restarted it and it worked fine. I got up to my office and check my only voicemail. A guy in the shot was also having issues with his screen blacking out and freezing. I guess it has been going on for a couple months, and he never said a word. I changed a few power settings, and appearance settings, as well as updated his video driver. So far so good. I haven’t heard from him all day. I hope that did the trick. The rest of the day has been pretty calm.

I have been able to check back into and watch my main man TimtheTatman. He is from Syracuse, NY and is very entertaining. It helps that he is good as well. He used to stream CS:GO but has been mainly been streaming Overwatch since it came out. When he streamed CS:GO he play with Hiko a ton. I wasn’t able to meet him in Columbus, OH when I went to the major due to time constraints. He does what I would love to do, but don’t have the time for. I’m not sure of how much money he makes but its good stuff, and he more importantly makes a living doing what he loves. He usually has two streams, one in the morning for his early US fans and late UK fans, and another one for late US fans and early UK fans. Anyway since I raved about him here is a link to his channel: .

Today is the day that I should be getting the closing disclosure for our house, this will let me know the final dollar amount that we owe. Once this is done I will know how much we can spend on a fence. I have a guy from Lowes coming Saturday at 9 am to survey and measure the yard and give us a free estimate on what it would cost to have them install a wooden fence around the yard. I hope it isn’t too much of a pain in the ass. I could put one up alone with the help of my dad and brother but then I would have to treat and paint the wood myself and I’d rather not do that. I also want the posts to go in the ground correctly and be held in place. Both my parent’s and brother’s fences lean and need fixed often and that is something I would like to avoid.

I hope you all have a great hump day, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow! 😀 😀

Slight Jumble

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night to you all!

Yesterday was very hectic with all the phone calls I had to make. It makes me nervous to transfer everything into my name for the first time. This home buying stuff is pretty intimidating. I’ll admit the people and agencies you deal with can really help you relax once you know they have done this a million times. I am usually scared of the unknown to a certain extent and this is a huge unknown. I think in the end everything will work out just fine. I trust that all of the work I have put in will pay off and everything will be in order. That is about as optimistic as one could be. Again we are closing on the 21st, less than a week from now. I still have a few things I need to inquire about but other than that it will be ‘smooth’ sailing.

Today at work, has been like most other days. I have two PCs to finish up and disperse this week, like normal. We have some exciting work ahead of us. Tomorrow is the big day, we get a brand new server. This will our first time working with virtual servers so it should be confusing and interesting. Today we did pull out an old server to make room in our existing rack. Also to make room for the guy coming to help with the installation we cleared out 10 + PCs for recycling. The only other real thing I want to get done today at work is to call the bank about home stuff. So, overall pretty chill.

My wife will be home a bit later than normal so I’ll pop in a pizza to move dinner along. I’ll get home and do the usual, feed the dog, cat, and humans lol. With any luck I’ll get a few rainbow 6 games in as well. Tonight the Flash is on the CW so we will be tuning into that at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time. Again pretty normal overall. We are mainly worried and anxious to get moving and hope that everything falls into place. Our biggest concern is getting a new refrigerator and putting up a fence asap for our dog.

Scattered move here, but I have been making pretty good headway on my Sojourner badge in Ingress. It is one of the hardest to get. You have to hack any one portal in consecutive 24 hour time periods. I am up to about 127 ish days. The next check point is 180 for Platinum, followed by 360 for Onyx. It is hardest to remember on the weekends when you just want to sleep in or go on a day trip. You really have to keep up on it and remember to hack with in the 24 hour time frame. I try to hack in the morning and evening just to get a good all around hack session going. That will allow me to hack anytime during the day on weekends and be just fine.

That’s all I’ll bore you with today! Have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you back here again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Monday Fun Day

Hey There!

This weekend we were able to visit our little nephew. He is super tiny only weighing 4lbs 13oz. It was nice to go back and see everyone. We ate at a Mad Mex restaurant in the mall while we were there. It was really quite good. I hadn’t been there yet because I heard that some of the food wasn’t that great. We had a very nice meal there. The atmosphere was calm and the lighting was dim. The music was well pretty bad, as it didn’t fit the space. The food was delicious and very fresh. The only real thing, other than the music, was that the wait staff was a bit slow. We didn’t look at it as such a negative only because it gives us more time to relax and spend some time with one another. We later went to the mall and hit a few shops.

Sunday night we of course watched the Steelers play the Cowboys in a knock out of a game. My Boys came away with the victory but it wasn’t easy. There were 7 different lead changes in the game and it all came down to the last 30 or so odd seconds. The Steelers took the lead and left us with about 40 seconds. With a couple of decent passes we were in field goal range, with a chance to win. Surprisingly the defense got sloppy and awarded us with a 15 yard penalty for a face mask. This put us in a much better range. We still had one play left with a time out to stop the clock. Clearly you would run so you don’t throw an unwanted interception. Zeke got the ball and ran it straight up the gut for 6 points. That was that. It was well fought and a tough game but really fun to watch regardless. The Steelers at this point aren’t in contention for anything in the post season. The Cowboys are on pace to win the Super Bowl. The last time they won 8 games in a row was in 1977 and they won the whole thing that year, so hopes are high.

Today has been a bit stressful. One week from today we close on our house!!!! I have been working on calling all the utility places and getting accounts set up and trying to figure out how to use their online services. It isn’t that it is hard, rather it is just annoying and new. I get to feeling a bit overwhelmed since I have never done anything like this before. I don’t know how much each bill is going to be and I mainly don’t want to mess anything up. I really don’t want to get in over my head and ruin things. I get into my own head and constantly think the worst of situations that I don’t yet know the outcome of. Its not a good way to be but I fight though and usually everything ends up ok in the end. I welcome this hype to die down haha.

I hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll see you again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Friday Show

Friday is here and that means the weekend is upon us.

I have a few more things to finish up here, at work before I go. They are simple things that shouldn’t take too much time. I will be helping a co-worker rearrange their office, as well as performing “end of day” maintenance.

Later this evening my wife and I are heading back to her hometown. We are going to be shopping in Erie, Pa before we get their though. She has a few things she would like to pick up. Saturday we are going to meet up with her brother and his wife, to see our new nephew for the first time. I’ll be sure to get a picture or two. We will be coming back Saturday night. On Sunday the Steelers host the Cowboys, so our family will surely have a get together. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time you will know I am a die hard Cowboys fan, while the rest of my family likes the Steelers.

I found out yesterday that we will be closing on our new house on the 21st of this month. That is super exciting for us and we can’t wait to get everything moved. We still have to get the utilities in our name and things like that but the rest should be a breeze. It will be nice to finally have a place to call our own. We rented during college, lived on her grandfather’s land, and have stayed with my parents. This will be a huge first for us but we are ready for it. If I get any free time I’d like to get in a little squirrel hunting in. The season here closes on the 26th so I’ll be running out of time soon if I don’t get out now.

I have been watching a ton of Netflix recently. I watched every episode of Black Mirror. It is a great show about the darker side of technology and how any version of our world could be very different based on the technological advances were in the timeline. My wife and I started watching New Girl, which I have always been a fan of. I just never got through them all so I am rewatching them. I have been looking for another good series and I think I’ll start watching House of Cards. I watched the first episode and it was slow and boring so I’m not sure if I’ll like it, but from what I hear it is really good, so who knows.

That is about all I have for you today. I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday! 😀 😀