Quick Post

Hey Everyone!

So today, tomorrow, and Monday I will be at work early and leave early. I am covering for a co-worker while she is is Florida on vacation. I normally post around 1pm but I leae at 2pm when I cover for her.

Today after work, even though it is super shitty weather, I will be going out to my camp site. I think I may start tearing it down to put up a small cabin. The idea would be to make a cabin that is about the same square footage as the lean-to. I will use a chainsaw for the logs and maybe a hammer and nails. Depending on how it goes I may do a normal roof, but if it is a huge pain in the butt I may just do a raise slanted roof. I can get a hold of windows easy enough and make a door. I may buy a few 2×4’s and sheets of plywood for the floor. The end game with this would be putting in a small wood stove and maybe a bunk bed. I would like it to be a place to stay when I am hunting.

I’ll keep you posted. I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀 😀


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