Inspection & Practice

Hey Everyone!

Last night we had our inspector run through our potential home. He was doing a Radon test in the basement and a full home inspection. He was there for about two hours looking at everything. I’m glad we chose who we did to do this because he was easy and amazing to work with. The house came back with a mostly clean bill of health. There are a few things that we should keep an eye on, and a few things that are old enough to be replaced but still work for the time being. The one thing that he said did need replaced is the main electric line coming into the house. It is a thicker gauge cable and being external is all weather worn to the point that its casing is fraying. We could try and negotiate it in the contract but I think we will just take care of it. I would rather spend the money and be in the house quicker, than wait longer and have it fixed by the current owners. I would love for this process to just be over haha. Most of the small repairs I can do myself. Some of the other things can be done by friends with better backgrounds in electricity. As far as the Radon test, it was normal. I don’t really know how to read the report, but from what I gather it should stay under a 5 and did for most of the test. I think the average was a 2.5. I think it spiked up twice over a 5 but I think that may be normal. Overall we are pleased with the inspection and it has lifted a weight off our shoulders. We could only hope that nothing major was wrong until now.

Quick side note. Late yesterday our company fired a guy, which rarely happens here. It was somewhat of a big deal and it kept me busy all day today. We had to make sure that all his network stuff was locked up and we had to set up a temporary system for a few other people filling his job until the position is filled.

Tonight our masonic lodge has practice. Normally this is no big deal, we would get together and go over things that we wanted help with. Well tonight it a bit different. It is a district practice and it is being held at our lodge. We will be hosting all the members of the whole district. It will be a night filled with knowledge and experience, that no one should want to miss. I’m not sure who, but someone will be making dinner as well. You can’t beat a homemade meal and practice night. Our lodge just finished up, what seemed like a lifetime, with our initiations for the year. We brought in six new members this year and that just made for a ton of extra meetings to do degrees. But, it has finally died down for the year. It was great practice and a great refresher for some. I would like to keep it up.

That is about all that I have for you all today. Thank you for stopping by. If you belong to a masonic lodge feel free to comment and let me know where you are, it would be neat to see. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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